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Según meedeel dat Brodie Lee was hospitalized in the previous weeks on his death on Saturday at the age of 41 years.

Lee has not been on AEW since TNT titled Cody Rhodes’s episode in the October 7 episode. It was announced in the last edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Lee was hospitalized only a few weeks later when he went to fight with Cody (October finals).

If the AEW officials were in line with Lee’s condition, and Lee’s wife, Amanda, said she was interested in other people from the company, she would not like to see the voice, because she is not here public.

When Lee discovered the fight with Cody’s title, the idea was that a free week would take place, and in Habrian history he explained in his statement that he had received a brutal fight with Cody.

Meltzer says that Lee was in his training home in the Peloton bike and knew a lot, but he could not understand why. I can not stop this training and for some time after that, it has been two months or so, it is all about getting sick. Meltzer does not have all the details, but he says that essentially Lee’s pulmonaries work.

Según los in kennel stel, Lee failed to be treated by clinicians at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. His wife Amanda praised the team at the Mayo Clinic in its Saturday publication.