MLB rumors: Dodgers, Phillies, Rays deal three teams; Royals sign former All-Star

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Christmas is behind us and we are still waiting for the first major free agent to sign the off-season. Only ten of our top 60 free agents have signed, which includes only five of the top-25. There have been some notable trades this week thanks to the San Diego Padres. Here’s the latest uproar from the hot stove.

Phillies adds Alvarado in three-team trade

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Not to surpass the Padres, the Dodgers on Tuesday agreed to do their own trade with the Rays, even though it was part of a three-team exchange with the Phillies. Here is the edition of the agreement:

Both Alvarado and Cleavinger struck in the majors, and Alvarado gained more service time.

Alvarado, who is eligible for the first time, apparently established himself in 2018 as a late-innings match. He has since been dealing with elbow and shoulder problems that limited him to 44 appearances in 2019-20 and which took several ticks off him. bowling sinker. The Phillies must reckon that the reward outweighs the cost. Given the poor condition of their bullpen, they may be correct.

Cleavinger made one appearance for the Phillies in 2020. He scored two outs and allowed himself to run two hits (one of which was a home run). His fast ball sat during that outing, according to Statcast, in the mid-90s. He will probably get incineration in LAs at some point in 2021.

Royals sign Santana

Here’s a fun one. The Royals announced on Tuesday that they have signed veteran right-hander Ervin Santana for a minor agreement.

Santana, 38, has not competed in the majors since a three-game match in 2019. It did not go well. His five appearances in 2018 will not either. Before that, however, he was a reliable starter in the middle rotation who won more than 27 wins over the first time in the majors.

Santana, who was an All-Star as recently as 2017, appears highly unlikely to play a significant role in the Royals’ 2021 season. This is rather a case where the Royals are doing a favor to an old friend. Santana spent the 2013 season in Kansas City.