Minneapolis police were involved in a fatal shooting. The principal said he would release footage today

“Initial witness statements indicate that the subject involved in this criminal stop first shot at the Minneapolis police officers, who then exchanged guns with the suspect,” Arradondo said.

The subject of the stop was pronounced dead at the scene. According to a police spokesman, this is the first fatal shooting of the department since the death of George Floyd.

“MPD officers were unharmed and an adult woman was a passenger in this vehicle, but also unharmed,” Arradondo said.

Officials did not release any details about the suspect in the shooting Wednesday. Asked about the race of those involved, police said more information would be released in the coming days, as well as the identities of the officers.

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The officers had body cameras activated, Arradondo said, adding that he plans to release the recordings Thursday.

“I want the community to be able to see what happened, and I think it’s part of us to move forward again and want to make sure we get the facts out there.”

The scene of the shooting is about a mile from where Floyd died at the Minneapolis police station in late May. His death, captured on video, sparked national protests that called for racial justice and accountability of the police.

Mayor promises ‘complete transparency’

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension was at the scene investigating and gathering “critical evidence,” the principal said.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Mayor Jacob Frey said “we know that life has been cut short tonight and that trust between communities of color and law enforcement is fragile.”

“Rebuilding trust will depend on complete transparency,” the mayor said. “I am working closely with Chief Arradondo to gather all the facts surrounding what happened tonight and will pass on the information, in collaboration with the state partners, to the community as soon as possible. We must all commit to sharing the facts. seek righteousness, and keep peace. ‘

CNN reached out to the city and the mayor’s office.

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“I have reached out to community members, faith leaders and others,” Arradondo said.

Addressing the people gathered at the shooting scene, the chief said: “We want to do everything in our power to protect everyone’s first rights of amendment, to assemble freely, to demonstrate, but, I say again, we can “Do not allow destructive criminal behavior. City has gone through too much.”

If the protests develop into civil unrest, the chief said he would ‘make decisions in terms of how we can try to resolve them peacefully’.

‘But I want to emphasize it again, for those who are there, we respect that you are exercising your rights for first amendment, but we must keep our officers safe, we must keep the members of the community safe, and I tell you, we must the crime scene is preserved so that the facts can continue to come out as it relates to it. ‘