Miles of poor people will be affected by the fact that Donald Trump will expire the benefit of the PUA

Dozens of Puerto Ricans have been affected by President Donald Trump’s negativity by sending a congressional hearing to extend various benefits that will help address the economic difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the end of the legislative period, at 12:00 am, Domingo, we will have the Pandemic Example Assistance Program (PUA, by its seal in English) in the limbo of the $ 600 checks that Iban sent to the majority of the citizens of the stadium.

También quedan detenidos tens of millions of dollars that iban to assign to distinct programs in the island.

“The effective mayor of Puerto Rico is calling on the people to receive the benefit of the PUA,” said Labor Secretary Carlos Rivera Santiago. El Nuevo Día.

Agreed with Rivera Santiago, for this one “90,000 to 100,000 people” institute receiving the benefit of the PUA in Puerto Rico.

The help package provided by Trump includes $ 300 PUA weekly for 11 weeks.

“The program will take place, December 26, as well as the people who are working on it, and who have been affected by it (the animals caused by the pandemic), and will not receive this benefit,” Rivera Santiago said.

While, the employee indicates that employees who are losing their jobs will continue to receive the benefit of the regular job from the Department of Labor (DT). This security will help people for a maximum of 26 weeks a year.

Without embargo, the federal government has added 13 additional weeks to the deputies. Rivera Santiago dijo que para solicitarlas, los ciudadanos tenían hasta 26 de diciembre.

The records of the agency reflect that last week there were 73,000 qualifiers, but no one has applied, so it is up to you to read the management before the December 26th plaza.

The package of aids that is being registered includes a federal assistance of $ 300 additional semesters for example from the finals on December 26 until mid-March.

The DT headline indicates that the principles of this month have about 250,000 people receiving security for example. Draw on the total contrast to the promotion of 50,000 residents and Puerto Rico antes de la pandemia del COVID-19.

“We are in a situation never before seen,” lamented Rivera Santiago.

Another benefit that was not triggered by President Trump’s inauguration was the $ 600 economic estimate check that was sent to the majority of state citizens.

Follow the same people who qualify to receive the $ 1,200 check that the federal government has begun to send within months.

Agreed with the Department of Health, as of December 22, the agency has distributed checks of $ 1,200 to approximately 1.8 million people in Puerto Rico, for a total of $ 2,728 million.

Geen firmar la medida federale “impact de manera medmediate a los ciudadanos si no habien una planification”, commentaar Rivera Santiago. “If we do not have an access to ledly, but responsible, from the labor market, we will cause problems. The ultimate executive order establishes more restrictions. Habrá que ver cómo eso se reflejará en los Proximos días en quuant al market laboram ”.

“Since time immemorial, it has been a failure to move the economy to work in a secure manner, while maintaining normalcy, while restoring the economy without compromising health,” he said.

Trump himself signed the package approved by Congress to announce that checks will increase to $ 2,000. The Chamber of Federal Representatives voted on a project with these figures, but the Republican parties oppose it, because it has not been approved.

The destination of the two-party bipartisan package is in limbo.

In addition, with the generalized financing that will be proportionate to the mass of guests, the dinner will be added with the first minute of March and a governing body will be produced, informs AP.

“Quite simply, we’re spending our $ 2,000 on our people at the $ 600 fairs considered in the initiative,” Trump said on Saturday from his Palm Beach, Florida golf camp, establishing the end-of-year holidays.

President-elect Joe Biden told Trump that he would launch the immediate-release initiative and that federal assistance programs for example would expire Saturday.

“It’s the day after Navidad and millions of families have not been able to read until the end of my speech to the negative of President Donald Trump to launch an economic aid initiative approved by the Congress with a bipartisan majority mayor” communicated. Biden accused Trump of an “abdication of responsibility” with “devastating consequences.”