Mike Pompeo Dijo Encourages Hong Kong Activists Demonstrate China’s “Fragility of Dictatorship”

In the image, EE.UU State Secretary Mike Pompeo.  EFE / Greg Nash / Archive
In the image, EE.UU State Secretary Mike Pompeo. EFE / Greg Nash / Archive

The Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, denounces this juve the gathering of a group of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists who are trying to win by mar, ensuring that China’s verdadera cara hacia sus ciudadanos.

“A regime that avoids that its proposed proposals can not claim any type of great global warming. It’s simply a dictatorship, with the help of its own people ”, dijo Pompeo in a communiqué.

A tribunal of Shenzhen enrolls the mercenaries in 10 activists of Hong Kong democracy with up to three years in prison after intending to take a quick trip to Taiwan, an autonomous democracy advertised by Beijing.

The condition of illegally cruising the front is produced when China reaffirms Hong Kong’s dissent, impressive one restricted security rights to proceed with the previous promises to guarantee a separate system in the ancient British colony and financial center.

Pompeo, a critical figure of the Beijing regime, I believe that the 12 people arrested in August with the intention of marrying Taiwan are “released unmediated and unconditionally”.

Hong Kong activists transferred to China (REUTERS / Tyrone Siu)
Hong Kong activists transferred to China (REUTERS / Tyrone Siu)

The case “Uncovered more than the brutality of Beijing, the blatant disregard for the international agreements it has established and its disregard for the rights of the Hong Kong people”, dijo Pompeo.

Pompeo, deja elgo vrag el 20 deer luego de la derrota elected President Donald Trump, cataloged in Beijing as a global adversary y promise to end decades of United States intentions to involve the Communist Party.

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During the 130 days that permanent activists have been working in mainland China, none of the 12 can be contacted by their families or the legal representatives of their election, and the lawyers contracted by the habrían families recovered from the case have been rehabilitated by the Chinese authorities.

Asimismo, it is clear that the tribunal announced that the trial was in public hearing, Various periodicals, acquaintances and diplomats extranjeros no pudieron acceder.

For the defense organization of the international human rights law, Amnistía Internacional, “These sentences are issued by a judge who justifies the perpetrators of what is being said by the Chinese penal system.”

This Hong Kong group of young people -agrego the regional director of the NGO for Asia-Pacific, Yamini Mishra- will take the risk of being tortured and will receive bad treatment in Chinese prisons ”.

For its part, the European Union pids this March “the immediate release of the 12 individuals and their recovery in Hong Kong” and considered that there were no judicial agreements in accordance with international law or Chinese law.

Since the 30th of June, the moment of entry into force of the national security controversy that Beijing has imposed in Hong Kong – and that precedent has been set for “secession” or “confusion with foreign forces”, among others -, he has sueded numerous police reports and detentions of various detached Hong Kong activists.

Some of them, if you intend the condensed, he opted for exile to avoid reprisals for activities that, despite the new legislation, could be constitutive of delict.


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