Mexican “illustrated” detenidos in EU

Washington.- Every year passes by the state judiciary system decades, sino centenares, or including miles of mexicans. Not all cases are related to the means of communication, not all have the same mediating consequence as the same interest in public opinion. In this 2020, without embargo, the large cases have kept one element in common: in the accusation bank important figures and Mexican public figures have been sent, image of the corruption in the judiciary by the American Union.

The year 2019 marks the culmination of one of the most desperate trials: the condensation and sentence of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán Loera, leader of the Sinaloa Card, one of the most famous drug dealers in the world, a person of their mythological cases; is 2020 the protagonism he shared three political figures of indigenous differences.

Three cases that are like a story in three acts, depending on its finale.

Act 1: Genaro García Luna. What is going on

The end of 2019, with El Chapo in a state of maximum security in Colorado, will surprise one: the detention in Dallas by Genaro García Luna, Secretary of Security of the governor Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. And no more and no less than narcotics prosecution with lazo on the Sinaloa map.

His first presentations preceded the juices, in a precoronavirus era, only to declare himself guilty and see how the intentions to pursue the free and erroneous fiancé liberty, to make millionaires’ proposals from his official lawyer, César de Castro. The “serious series” of fugue imposes a different resolution; months later, reasons based on the pandemic situation tampoco surgical effect.

This case is complicated by the win-win against Ivan Reyes Arzate, former head of the Federal Police and ex-Mexican in connection with the anti-drug agency (DEA), who had days before his appointment in Chicago to collaborate with the Cardinal and was deported to Mexico, found in New York accused in the same case as García Luna.

If they have been arrested, they will be charged with causing the crime of a criminal gang, charges against those also charged with charges against the Mexican Federal Police: Luis Cárdenas Palomino and Ramón Pequeño, for saying that Sinaloa Actuarial Act “impunity”.

With the negative fact that García Luna was negotiating a pact with a declaration of culpability -a public declaration totally habitual for ever since-, the judicial hearings are now held by videoconference that he holds serious and unequivocal allegations to silence his phones. While, the parties review and analyze the millions of cases of test cases and decades of grab hours that involve the Secretary of Security in a drug trafficking precedent.

Act 2: Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda. The one who escapes

Regardless of García Luna’s detention, Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda’s detention may have been a surprise, as he will be defending Secretary of State Enrique Peña Nieto’s governor. Cienfuegos will arrive in October finals in Los Angeles to vacation and terminate and arrive at New York City, charged with drug trafficking.

Conducted a diplomatic operation without precedent for liberation to El Padrino, some inaudible and of that which was not discussed, for example, García Luna. Mexico is facing a sovereign injunction without being involved in the investigation or detention, including with a diplomatic cable through the media. If we celebrate the first judicial hearings, make sure that we have clear evidence… And last but not least, a few despairing and hopeless, the EU tax authorities withdrew all the charges in general for “sensitive and important considerations of external policy”, pesar years of obtaining information about the victims of drug trafficking.

In less than a day Cienfuegos passed the most important highway car in dealing with drug trafficking and being free in Mexican territory. The fundo sonaron has rumors about amenazas de fulminar la cooperación antidrogas.

AMLO’s governor’s promise was made to investigate Cienfuegos, but it should be noted that it will be covered by paper. The same Mexican government informs hace poco that classifies the material related to the general for five years. The Wall Street Journal, citing sources of both landscapes, added that the trials against Cienfuegos in eran “solid”.

The option of the general acabe sin enfrentar a la justice, ni de uno ni de otro lado de la frontera, gana enteros.

Salvador Cienfuegos, Secretary of Defense, was detained until the end of October; EU tax returns with their loads. Photo: ARCHIVO AP

Acto 3: César Duarte Jáquez. The one who hopes

In July, right at the moment Andrés Manuel López Obrador works with his team at the Casa Blanca, in which he was the first and only international traveler, to sound the rumor of the detention in Miami of César Duarte Jáquez , exhubernador priísta de Chihuahua (2010-2016) accusado en México de peculado y otros delitos.

The allegations of “royal” exchanges were factual: Trump suing his profile with the Latin voters and receiving something in return for a statement from the Mexican president, AMLO said the point of detention of another politician accused of corruption. All the world is not.

Duarte, as all the accusers, first intention to avoid in the process of libertarian freedom, as the negation. However, it is time to dump her and move on. The law does not allow for the need to demonstrate the validity of the extradition that is required for execution and for the purpose of deciding whether or not the offenses are in force.

In the hope of resolutions and motions that will be presented at the end of this year, Duarte Jáquez will present one of all the options. It appears that the final extradition hearing will take place, and it will not be possible to post about the pandemic situation or any other matter concerning the case, it will be realized in the middle of next year.

César Duarte Jáquez, ex-governor of Chihuahua, was detained with fines for extradition. Photo: ARCHIVO EL UNIVERSAL

Epilogue: the hijos of the card

The majority of Mexican judicial cases in the United States are protected by ex-public charges do not mean that there is a copy of the Mexican maps that are being pursued by the authorities of the American Union. This 2020, of course, has a “bad year” for the big capes.

Después del bochorno de la falida aprehensión de Ovidio Guzmán, hijo de El Chapo, toda la prion prayón en los herederos de otros gros nombres del mexicano narcotico.

The principles of this year were the turn of Rubén Oseguera González, Menchito, the leader of the Jalisco Jalisco New Generation Movement Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, the Mencho, one of the most criminal criminals to all state agencies and now public.

The Menchito carried out the extradition for about five years, but in February of this year he arrived in Washington DC to find narcotics cargoes and the use of fleece arms to commit crimes. In his first presentation before the court, in which he was not guilty, he accompanied the public bank Jessica Oseguera González, her husband.

Pocos hopes that, on the other hand, the Negra will be detained on its behalf with companies named after its father. Estuo to the point of salir en libertad bajo fianza, pero finally no fue así. Its juicio has its closing date: March 22nd.

The other major drug trafficker who passed a 2020 between state travel is Ismael Zambada Imperial, Mayito Gordo. The 2019 finals were added to the United States; In addition to the initial hearing, in which the narcotics offenses were not found guilty, the Mayo hijacker did not escape the sentence while he was serving his sentence, as part of his defense he was reviewing the multidisciplinary evidence against him (documents and Blackberry intercepted messages) and the coronavirus pandemic, which led to legal visits to San Diego (California) since April.

In addition, the United States has renewed its interest in Rafael Caro Quintero, the DEA’s objective priority since 2018, but as it intends to look for more, it will be blacklisted as one of its main social and testamentary principles.