Messi says that Barcelona is his life

BARCELONA – Lionel Messi breaks the silence and, in dialogue with La Sexta, has all: Barcelona, ​​his present, what he sees the last time and, most importantly, his future.

The Argentine commands a message to Catalan aficionados with a hint: “Siento todo por la camiseta del Barcelona, ​​este equipo es mi vida. “The club has the form of a player and a person. It’s always been to Barcelona and there’s a love affair because it’s all I’ve been living since I was”.

In the midst of the future gloom over his future, Leo admits that he does not feel happy during the passing season. “Yo estoy bien hoy por hoy. Es verdad que la pasé muy mal en el verano y antes también por cómo terminat la tempada. Ahora estoy con ganas de pelear por las cosas que vamos a jugar, estoy ilusionado pero sé que el club est pasando for a moment complicated at all levels. The institution is very poor economically and it will be difficult to turn around and establish antes. It will last for the season with Bayern for the sake of loss and for the year we will win. We will lose money without it manner “.

Messi says he did not catch the burafax episode, including that he wanted to kill. “The bureaucracy wants to send it. It’s the last six months for the president that I have and I want, that I can always help me say no. If there is a way to say ‘I want to be serious’. Sabia that this year I have been in transition, from a new people and I would like to follow him to choose my titles, to be a champion in the Champions League and La Liga. I think it’s time to do it and I want to do well. hacerme quedar mal a mí “

Uruguayan Luis Suarez also rescinded the form in which he was beaten. “I saw a trick that hiccuped with Luis because he resolved everything, because he fled and because he fled for free and he has a team that he can play with the same targets we have”.

Messi is taking time to talk about Maradona’s bankruptcy. “When Diego was stabbed in my house and I read a message from my dad, I pushed the phone and I entered everything. It’s going to happen. Nadie can believe that Maradona is dead and that he’s no more. It’s normal he’s going to the funeral because he’s Diego and he’s living in Argentina, he’s the Argentine by himself. thank you very much “.

“Newell’s t-shirt was used by the club’s manager and I’ve been guarded here. I’ve seen the moment of use. Venia of parties are making goals, but they’ve been thinking they’re doing something.”

Finally, the Argentine says he has no clear future. “If there is anyone who wants to win in the club as well as others who do not want to do anything that happens. You have to do the best for the club and for me, so be sure. I want to want to live in Barcelona and, when I retire, I get involved from some places in the club.Always quiz to have the experience of living in United States, but if it does not happen, it does not happen.

“Al hincha le digo que no sé si me voy o no, pero si me toca irme espero que sea de la meje manera y volver algun dia para poder trabajar en el club y aportar para que la institution institution mejore. El Barcelona is mucho grande which any player, including me. Ojalá el presidente que venga haga bien las cosas para volver a ganar cosas importantes “.