Meghan Markle and the Harry Buscan Principle Extend “Megxit” for One More Year

The dukes of Sussex quieren extender el
The dukes of Sussex want to extend the “Megxit” for another year

The principle of Harry, 36 years old, and Meghan Markle, 39, is seeking an extension of his agreement to 12 months of the so-called “Megxit” which will continue as high-ranking members of the British real family who are not actively working for the Queen Isabel II.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex planean reunite with the real family via Zoom enerero, before Harry travels to the United Kingdom, depending on coronavirus restrictions, in order to sell the treaty, informs The Sun tabloid on Saturday.

The actual agreement of Harry and Meghan with the Buckingham Palace les allow to preserve its real patrons, but expires March 31st.

The patron saints of the California actress include organizations that promote the empowerment of women, while Harry looks like the president of the African Parks Conservation Benefit Organization and the Invictus Games Foundation.

The lower echelon of the principle of Carlos de Inglaterra also hopes to recover its honorary military titles that the vehicle will retreat through the Megxit, the media quoted as saying.

The notice of the proximation negotiations are produced after that the duques firmaran agreed with Netflix and Spotify for value of USD 100 million and USD 30 million respectively. The members of the real estate examiner have their contracts to ensure that they comply with “the values ​​of Su Majestad”, inform The sun.

The parish of Windsor will announce in the speeches next year that it will seek as high-ranking members of the realm to be able to live an independent life in the United States. In April he officially announced his departure. Currently the dukes of Sussex and his wife Archie live in their new house of USD 14 million in Montecito, California.

The postal navideña of the dukes of Sussex with his hijo Archie
The postal navideña of the dukes of Sussex with his hijo Archie

Although there is something about Zoom, Harry wants to find something for everyone.“, Afirmó el biographer Andrew Morton. “Cosas parecen haberse calmado. Harry has been in contact with the Queen for a long time. Necesitarán algunas semanas. It will be possible after April, depending on the restrictions imposed by Covid ”.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hope to regroup in the United Kingdom by the 95th anniversary of Queen Isabel II in April, for the 100th anniversary of Felipe, Duke of Edimburg, in June, and for the inauguration of a statue of Princess Diana in which habría sidu su 60 compléños el 1 de julio, informe el menionta med.

On December 14, the two-year-old appeared on television to make public thanks to the “silent heroes” who during this pandemic were confronted with the most necessary. In her two-minute message, Meghan Markle denounced the generosity of the communities at a moment as difficult as this. It was the first time that a public opinion paper appeared from its New York Times opinion column on the relate in first person to the calvary who passed through a spontaneous abortion.


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