MAZ publishes a guide to psychological well-being in times of inconvenience

Redaction. MAZ, mutua collaborator with the Social Security, has published the Guide to psychological well-being in times of inconvenience, a new material in front of the pandemic.

With this guide, the mutu pone has at its disposal a set of materials, which include infographics, leaflets and webinars, with the objective help people confront and understand the situation that caused the coronavirus crisis.

Marta Tomás, responsible for preventive activities and territorial directorate of MAZ in Aragon, explained that “We will detect the need to collaborate in the psychological well-being of the people in the companies and create a solution to help the actual situation”.

“All materials are listed to be downloaded and used by companies, in a way that can be disseminated in the plant internally, organized as an opportunity to apply assessment to the specialists in preventive activities of the mutua”, añade Tomás.

Burden infographics supports five ideas to manage the levels of daily stresses, six steps to manage the incoherent time and once resilient strategies for rescuing the downfall and the sensation of not being able to overcome adversity.

For their part, they folletos offers five steps to manage the stress, five tips to mitigate the incumbent, an aid to save the resilience and 17 tips to manage the incumbent.

For the last time, the webinars consisted of two media awareness sessions each with a stress management plan and the interim period during covid-19 and on resilient strategies to improve adverts.