Make Zoom calls and other hidden Google Home talents we’ve discovered


Google Home keeps adding new features every few weeks.

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The most Google Home features are pretty obvious. Tell your smart speaker to play music, and it will (as long as you follow it) these steps for the best music setup first). Ask about the weather and you get the forecast (investigate Google Home Weather Options Here). But some Google Home tricks, despite being pretty awesome, are hidden out of sight.

Google Home Feature Updates Snowstorm Over the past few weeks: new home and road settings, a lot of different ways to activate routines, Google Home finally gets friendly with Apple Music. There are also a few more updates that have flown under the radar – such as the recently added capability make Zoom calls.

Here’s a look at three things Google Home might not be doing, either because they’ve brand new features or because they’re so deeply buried that you’ll find them happy.


For now, you’ll need a Nest Hub Max to make and take Zoom calls on Google Home, but hopefully the feature will expand to more devices soon.

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Contract your Zoom calls to Google Home

The issue of keeping a Google Home smart device on your desktop has become much more compelling after Google Home Ability to Zoom call earlier this month. The upside down? You are not using fixed screen on your primary computer. The downside? At the moment you can only make and take Zoom calls on the Nest Hub Max ($ 230 at the best buy), the only Google Home device with a camera.

Since you do not need a camera to take part in an audio zoom call (you can even dial in with your phone), this feature will hopefully expand to other devices soon. In the meantime, you can configure it in the app, whether you have a Nest Hub Max or not:

1. Make the Google Home app, tap on you personal icon tap in the top right corner Assistant settings.

2. Rollees of a tick Voice and video calls, tap then Video and voice programs.

3. At the top of the screen you should see an option for Zoom in, what does Create or link an account and has a chain link icon on the right. Tap on the link icon tik dan Yes, call account.

4. The Zoom login screen will open. Enter your username and password or select Sign in with SSO (if you use a single sign-up service like Okta), Sign in with Google or Sign in with Facebook, depending on what you use for Zoom calls.

5. Decide on the next screen or Accept or Extract it from Zoom to share your information with third parties (hint: select Extract it), then tap Authorize on whether or not Google Assistant wants to give you access to Zoom account information.

The Google Home app should now show that your Zoom account is linked. From there, you can say things (start with ‘Hey, Google’ or ‘OK, Google’), such as ‘join my next meeting’ or ‘join a meeting’ and, to conclude, ‘leave Zoom’ .

nest hub owl lamp desk

A Google Home or Nest device is a great addition to your home office, especially with the new Workday routine.

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Use the day-to-day work routine to simulate the office

Speaking of scenarios for using a smart speaker at work, Google Home added a feature called Workday in the fall. This is in the part of the app where you can create custom commands called ‘routines’ (here is a foundation on how to do it). Workday is kind of the mother of all routines. This is a great routine that consists of a series of smaller routines to remind you to keep track of your calendar, by taking breaks throughout the day.

Google leaves you off track with a pre-determined workday routine (thank heavens – creating and using routines can get tedious unless you do it right). All you have to do is program the things you normally do at different times during the workday, such as checking your calendar at the beginning of your shift, as well as the things you might not be so good at. do not remember, such as getting up or drinking water. In addition, you can ask yourself to start the shutdown routine before the end of your work day so that you do not take up extra time after business hours.

Here’s how to get started designing your perfect work day with Google Home:

1. Open up Google Home app, type the Routine icon, tap then Working day.

2. Vary Enable routine after the on then choose which smart speaker is closest to your workspace.

3. Choose which days of the week you work (it is standard Monday to Friday) and decide if you want to receive a notification on your phone when your workday routine begins.

4. If the default times do not match your schedule, tap the arrow to the right of the time to change it. Go from there and remove the tasks you do not need (for example, if you work at a standing desk, you do not need to set a “standby time” reminder) and add tasks that you want something that is not pre-filled (say, play a playlist, radio station, or music channel).

Tap when you are done with your work routine Save, then work just as you normally would and let Google Home handle the rest.


Use Google Home’s new Family Bell feature to plan family events throughout the day, such as mealtimes.

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Saved by Google Home Family Bell

Similar to Workday, but aimed at the whole family, Family Bell can help create the chaos that can arise when adults and children sit in a home for days, weeks or even months at a time (like most of 2020). Instead of having the schedule already filled out for you, however, there are at most 17 different predetermined templates for activities (such as arts and crafts) or transitions (such as bedtime).

The presets are also much nicer than the Workday standard – especially the announcements, such as: “Crunch, crunch, it’s time for lunch” and “Calling all secret agents. Your mission is to take the take.”

Here’s how to set up Family Bell:

1. Open up Google Home app, tik jou personal icon tap in the top right corner Family clock.

2. Tap to add a predefined activity + Add in the box with the activity you want to schedule and add all the necessary details.

3. Tap to create your own clock + Add a clock at the top of the screen, come up with your own quirky announcement, choose a time, choose the days of the week you want it to happen and the speaker you want to announce it to. Finally, call Activate after the on position and type Create a new clock to finish.

Some of the other Google Home features recently added are also real game changers, such as schedule tasks to happen later, the new centralized media controls and all kinds new ways to fire routines.