Make sure the tomará less time distribute new check federal

The Secretary of the Department of Hacienda, Francisco Parés Alicea, assurur hoy, lunes, that the new package of economic estimate approved by the federal governor, and the amount amounting to $ 600 for the majority of city citizens, takes less than one month to distribute.

At a press conference, the official said that in one to three weeks, about 90 per cent of eligible voters would turn up the diner.

Debe will be a much shorter process than we live with the $ 1,200 program phases“, aseguró el titular.

“If it is a similar program, reduce the amount per person. Increase the amount by dependency. […]”We have with them a cymbal distribution plan and a driller based on their cams and sometimes with the consideration of the IRS (Internal Rent Service)”, agreed.

Ayer at night, the President of the United States Donald Trump signed the economic stimulus project approved by the Federal Congress. The Legislature granted up to $ 600 to the City of Citizens and Affected Negotiations on the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Asimismo, Hacienda announced that he was waiting for the distributor of the Distribution Plan required by the Department of the Federal Treasury.

On the other hand, if it is agreed upon when the puberty and puberty may try the money, Paris Alicea expresses that it can not compromise with an exact check, given that the IRS has not evaluated the plan.

“The IRS is carrying out some of the inherent retentions in the Christmas market. […] In the same way, there is a federal-level transition that we will be able to impact the resources that we have to make decision-making in order to have the corresponding authorizations “, he explained.

Dicho esto, Paris Alicea is compromising with which the phases of this program will be implemented much faster in comparison with the first payment of $ 1,200 in the middle of this year.

“It is not necessary to dedicate a piece of land to the IRS if there is an approval for the mediation of the year, then there will be a mediation from February until it is finished and most of the pages are delivered during the month of the year”, dijo. “Everything depends on when the IRS and the Federal Treasury approve it,” he said.

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