Lucasfilm Exec apologizes to Star Wars YouTuber for mocking tweet

Lucasfilm CEO Pablo Hidalgo apologizes to a Star Wars fan after he allegedly teased him on Twitter for his emotional reaction to The Mandalorian.

Lucasfilm CEO Pablo Hidalgo apologized for a Star Wars fan on Twitter after apparently making fun of his emotional reaction to The Mandalorian‘s final season 2. The final version was the return of an iconic character who came to Mando’s rescue during Moff Gideon’s imperial cruiser. Luke Skywalker’s appearance was exciting for fans. Using CGI, the show brought Luke back in his prime, with Mando and the rest of the group watching the Jedi Grogu drag away.

Prominent Star Wars YouTuber Star Wars Theory live streamed its reaction to the finale. During the stream, the YouTuber watched as the episode quickly transitioned from action spectacle to its nostalgic end. The streamer had an emotional reaction to Luke’s appearance. During the stream, the YouTuber broke down in tears during Luke’s comedy. At the end of the episode, he thanks Lucasfilm for making his childhood dreams come true.

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On Twitter, Hidalgo responded to the reaction of the fan and said in a tweet that has since been removed:emotions are not to be shared. “It was unclear what exactly Hidalgo meant, but Star Wars Theory saw it as a spade in his reaction. said it was not his intention to mock the fan.

The relationship between fans and Lucasfilm has been controversial since the malicious prequel trilogy. However, after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, the tension only got worse. From response to Star Wars: The Last Jedi was cruel and divisive and further drove a wedge between the production company and its fans. In an era of unprecedented access to creators by fans and the behind-the-scenes process, fans are not afraid to make their opinions known. But the opposite is also true, thanks to social media, creators can communicate much more easily with fans – and Hidalgo is known for being a very interactive Twitter presence.

In this case, the reaction of the fan was pure of emotion, and Hidalgo’s response to it was not well received. To mock him, whether it was intentional or not, is not a good look. As many fans see The Mandalorian emotional responses are a given as the correction of the errors of both the prequel and the sequel trilogies. After years of criticism – from both fans and even from the stars of the series, such as John Boyega’s criticism of Star Wars‘handling of color characters – positive reactions should not be taken lightly. It’s unusual for a manager like this at Lucasfilm, let alone any other company, to react in this way in response to a positive reception and Hidalgo’s apology is a small step to rectify the situation with Star Wars fans.

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Source: Star Wars Theory, Pablo Hidalgo

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