Los hospitals in Florida have a place for the holiday for 65 citizens

Warehouses to book a vacation tour in Delray Beach, Florida (AP)
Warehouses to book a vacation tour in Delray Beach, Florida (AP)

Decades of miles of people hacen largas filas y saturan las telephone lines of hospitals to reserve a turnaround tour against covid-19, from which commences this week the campaign of vaccination against the coronavirus of the mayors of 65 years off Florida, the state with the mayor proportion of jubilees of the United States.

From the moon, when the local governor dio luz verde a the vacancies of the mayors of 65 years -which represent about 20% (more than 4 million) of the population-, the television images of most large houses in front of the hospitals that initiate the process, mainly to reserve a citation.

The Jackson Health System, the mayor of Miami’s hospital system, announced on March that it hopes to evacuate this week to 10,000 of its 65 major patients, in addition to the mayor’s risk of contracting the virus.

Even if the general public of this eda is good, the campaign will start on Monday, the massive evacuation program and arranged this Wednesday with the inoculation of the musical producer Emilio Estefan, of 67 years, and from the endeavor of the Miami Dolphins Nat Moore, 69. “Creo has a lot of erroneous information,” said Estefan at a press conference at Jackson Health, defending the vaccine of women who are deficient in its effects. “The people need to know that we do not have arries”, added the Cuban-American producer, icon of the “magic city”.

Producer Emilio Estefan, 67, received the first dose of Pfizer in Miami (AP)
Producer Emilio Estefan, 67, received the first dose of Pfizer in Miami (AP)

North of Miami, east of Fort Lauderdale, Broward Health Hospital receives so many phone calls that its authorities announce that there will be no more available schedules until February.

The Health Department’s web page is intended to reserve schedules for vacancies in Broward County, Florida, and is inoperable since the end of this school year. “Lo sentimos”, dice. “This site was locked for maintenance.”

Mientras tanto, in the center of the state, the state of Orange –donde está Orlando– announced on Tuesday in a communiqué that in the 24 hours passed from Monday to 30,000 people had quoted. Con esto, añadió, the limit of the limit on the number of vacancies for new notice.

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The Governor, Ron DeSantis, gave a heartfelt prayer at a conference this Wednesday at a nursery for anniversaries in Palm Beach. “The summit of the vaccine against the covid is limited”, dijo. ‘We do not have enough vacancies available for more than 4 million mayors of 65. Ya llegaremos alli”.

But, once a year of confinement, especially for the mayors and the most vulnerable, the hope is great. ‘No veo la hora de ver a mis nietos. Geen veo la hora de abrazarlos nie. It’s a long time ago, ”said Candice Seltzer, a jubilee vacancy on CNN.


More than 175,000 people are in Florida, Acuerdo al the department of Salud.

The state hopes this week there will be 127,000 new doses of the Modern vaccine, while increasing the number of contagions, with 13,871 new cases confirmed in these markets, the highest number since Verano.

Since the vacancies will be distributed on December 14, the first inocular flights will be carried out by health workers and residents and employees of the old people’s homes.

Florida has raised 1.3 million coronavirus cases and a total of 21,546 deaths in these cases, currently recording similar numbers to those reported at the time of the July pandemic.

Historically, Florida, is the mayor’s proportion of the country’s pastors due to the estudounidenses acostumbran to celebrate this subtropical state by its beaches and climatic climate.

Currently there are 6,337 people hospitalized in Florida with covid-19 diagnostics and an availability of intensive care units of 17.78%.

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