LOOK: Blazers’ Derrick Jones Jr. misses badly during a dunk-of-the-year attempt

Getty Images

Derrick Jones Jr. deserves some space when it comes to dunks. After all, he’s a Slam Dunk Contest winner and with a nickname like Airplane Mode he can definitely fly. But there is a time and place for big dives, and a 23-point deficit in the second half is not one of them.

In the third quarter of the Los Angeles Clippers’ standout victory over the Portland Trail Blazers, Jones saw an opportunity for a highlight despite the fact that his team was big. He takes a pass from Damian Lillard and soars for the dunk, but gets his appearance when he cannot complete the shot.

In fairness with Jones, he makes a good percentage of the highlight he tries. He would not have won a Dunk game if he had not. He is athletic enough to pull off such plays, and candidates of the year must be very difficult. In the famous words of Michael Scott (via Wayne Gretzky) you miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take. Jones goes for an unforgettable dunk and comes laughing short.

And given the gameplay situation, there’s a bit of karma involved. Yes, such a slap may have sparked some momentum and could possibly help cause a comeback, but realistically, if you’re 23 points lower, you just need to have your shots to go in. Do not look for highlights. Just put the ball in the ring. Jones did not do it here, and it created one of the funniest low lights of the early season.