Logically to make a fact, look at US presidential debates

LOS ANGELES, 28 September 2020 / PRNewswire / – People across the US can live the US presidential debate live on Tuesday and anywhere. Logies.ai, the social enterprise that uses advanced AI to tackle misinformation and restore confidence in the news, will live up to the fact-checking demands of both President Trump and presidential candidate Biden via its Logically app. It is the latest innovation from the company that combines artificial and human intelligence to help government bodies and social platforms detect and address misinformation.

The Logically app will stream the presidential debates while offering a lively and flipping timeline of fact checks as claims are made that will be considered true, false or misleading. In addition, users can also submit their own claims to fact-checkers – whether from friends, family or anchors on the air.

Using its advanced multi-model AI, along with the largest fact-checking team in the world, Logically aims to give debate viewers the truth, disarmament of misinformation and misinformation before taking office.

Logical is using its intelligence platform to identify and disarm misinformation surrounding UK elections In the, as well as working with bodies and organizations to successfully identify and control misinformation around critical areas such as Covid-19, Black Lives Matter and QAnon. Recently, the Logically investigation team was able to identify a previously anonymous main player in QAnon as a New jersey-based IT specialist employed by Citigroup, placed on administrative leave of the company.

The Logically app can be downloaded for free iOS and Android. Photos can be obtained here.

About Logic
Founded in 2017 by MIT and Cambridge alum Lyric Jain, Logically is a social enterprise that utilizes artificial and human intelligence to credibly nurture news and social discourse today. In collaboration with government agencies and social platforms and the provision of consumer products, the company solves the issue of misinformation that plagues the world today. The company has offices in the United Kingdom and In the, and is opening an office in the US. Visit Logically.ai for more information.


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