Livia Brito and its future in Mexico

The scandal of the actress Livia Brito, originated from her Greek with the photographer Ernesto Zepeda in Cancun, in July passed, following the consequences; The most recent is that the protagonist of ‘La Piloto’ has lost his exclusivity with Television, by which, by contract rescinded, Brito was found effectively executed, all by an order that at the time the cost is very high, and that his future of Mexico es incierto.

Livia Brito.  (Photo by Victor Chavez / Getty Images)
Livia Brito. (Photo by Victor Chavez / Getty Images)

He has been thinking that, for the last 50 years, Television has become one of the most influential countries in the world of Hispanic communication, and that his forums have been cut, by decades, many actresses and actors from Verónica Castro and Thalia has Fernando Colunga and Jaime Camil, who thanked the international family for their participation in telenovelas produced by the company founded by Emilio Azcárraga Milmo (celebrity “Tigre”).

Many artists consider themselves a Television as a platform to launch the exciting year in his careers, and it is for him that at the moment international figures like Gabriela Spanic, Guy Ecker, William Levy or Irina Baeva are driving the triumph with them. The case of Livia Brito is one of many, although the end of his working relationship with the company is unique in its scandalous nature.

We record that the orienteering of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba, went to Mexico in the year 2000 with his fathers, the actor Rolando Brito and the great ballerina Gertrudis Pestana, who were very famous in the island. Livia has been a member of the Mexican capital for 14 years, and since then she has been helping her parents run a family-run restaurant that specializes in Cuban gastronomy. As a model, Livia pays for her university studies in Administration and for the 23 years she has been incorporated into the CEA (Center for Artistic Education), which is the television talent center.

Livia Brito.  (Photo by Medios y Media / Getty Images)
Livia Brito. (Photo by Medios y Media / Getty Images)

Livia’s career in business, albeit brief, sustainable: initiated with a supporting role in ‘Triunfo del amor’, followed by a co-star with ‘Abismo de pasión’ (which was a remake of the popular telenovela ‘Cañaveral de pasiones’) and first protagonist of the lego of Juan Diego’s lad Covarrubias in ‘De que te quiero te quiero’ in 2013, which was the melodrama that abrias the gates to the international fame, there was an exit in its schedule and was retransmitted by schedule in United States and Spain.

Here, there is an uproar about the unpleasant incident that took place in Cancun on June 28, when she and her partner, Mariano Martínez, were caught on the beach by local paparazzi Ernesto Zepeda, who had several photos of both without permission, and was found confronted by the actress who demanded the photos be deleted.

“I met with a negative and the argument that by being a public figure I would go private even if it were a discussion and reacted impulsively with a cachetada”, wrote the British prop on his Instagram account. According to Zepeda’s statement, the statement ends here: Brito and Martínez are looking at the photographer and will physically agree with his camera (hay testigos), about his team and the location of the house while trying to get to the corresponding authorities.

Although in the communiqué that the protagonist of the remake of ‘Muchacha italiana viene a casarse’ posted on Instagram signaled that he was not in a position to justify, he stated that in addition to accepting the responsibility of his team of lawyers “in order to recover this error disappointed ”, that Zepeda presented a request against her and Martínez for robbery and lesions before the court of Quintana Roo.

The public opinion from this moment, and now, turns against the actress, more so when Zepeda said that she was the one who said “heart of the Mexicans”. It’s a very sensitive fiber of the public that we’re talking about and we are dealing with a boycott tan voraz in speeches, that the prop Juan Osorio, temeroso of the reactions (and with a little experience in questions by Irina Baeva’s culprit, that the ratings of ‘Soltero con hijas’), retiró el ofrecimiento de protagonizar su projecto ‘¿Qué le pasa a mi familia?’ – el papel skoolhoof ahora lo lleva Eva Cedeño – y esto causo una serie de rechazos al interior de la empresa.

Luis Alberto ‘El Güero’ Castro describes that he was invited to collaborate on a new issue of ‘Médicos’, while the contract with the producer called ‘La piloto’ was not renewed, for this project, which only one has third time of the series, agotándose to parecer todus sus options between the company, which follows a exclusivity that rescinds, signifies Mexican periodicals, in December.

Livia Brito Pestana in 2018 in New York.  (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images)
Livia Brito Pestana in 2018 in New York. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images)

Brito treats to take control of data ante the situation, but it does not work: “I feel like Mexico and what I consider to be a child is deep gratitude, because of my identity and that of my family”, he wrote. “Debo toda mi carrera, solo tengo palabras de gratitude para mi pais porque asi lo considero, llevo más de 20 años en él, aqui crecí, aqui studie, aquí me crié y me siento mexicana”.

According to reports, with the ultimate intention of negotiating, Britain quarreled and included a hoax indicated to Television that, if not renewed its contract with them, would go to Telemundo – although it has not been announced yet that a job offer has been confirmed for the television in Miami. But the company did not give in to the pressure and the confirmation of Cedeño, that it was serious, in the immediate project of staging schedule, was an immediate gesture to demonstrate that it was necessary.

What is the future of Livia Brito? I would like to say no to what results from the legal situation.

In the last conciliation meeting that Tuvieron Brito, Martínez and Zepeda, transcended that she had the responsibility of ruining the artistic career, while the offenses of aggression and robbery were paid in Quintana Roo up to 10 years in prison. The legal process will take place in 2021, but at the moment there are no productions in its future that will have a definite fall. Asia, Livia Brito is in the sad case of Pablo Lyle and other celebrities who, by an instant of violating violin, will go to the ruins.


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