‘Little House on the Prairie’ filming and costumes were so boring that Alison Arngrim passed

For decades, children get lost on the pages of the beloved Small cottage on the prairie books. The best-selling books were adapted into a TV series in 1974 by Laura Ingalls Wilder about her life growing up on a farm in Minnesota. The series starred Michael Landon, Karen Grassle and Melissa Gilbert and ran for nine seasons. . Depicting the cast in the 19th century was not always easy for the cast. Alison Arngrim, who played the malicious, spoiled and cunning girl, Nellie Oleson, especially struggled with her antique costume.

The filming was difficult for the young actors

Although Walnut Grove, Minnesota, is a true city, most shoot from the outside Small cottage on the prairie was filmed at the sprawling Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley, California. Many days the temperature rose more than 100 degrees. The young actors’ wardrobe from the 1800s consists of layers of heavy cotton socks, thick petticoats, pinaphores and a hood. With the scorching weather and the awkward costume, it’s no surprise that Arngrim disappeared on the first day of filming the heat! She was not the only one – an assistant director also fainted, according to Mental Floss.

As if it wasn’t bad enough to wear a heavy outfit in the heat, part of Arngrim’s costume caused her physical pain. Her fine blonde hair did not have the distinctive ringlets of Nellie, and she wore a custom-made wig. To keep it safe during scenes, stylists fastened the wig with dozens of metal hairpins and sharp metal combs. It was so tight that it often caused Arngrim’s scalp to bleed.

Arngrim and Gilbert are friends in real life

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While playing enemies on Small cottage on the prairie, Arngrim and Gilbert were really best friends! “It simply came to our notice then. We held slumber parties. We would visit each other’s homes on weekends – people could not believe it, ‘Arngrim recalled in an interview with Fox News. ‘I remember we were 13 and together in a supermarket. She goes to one hallway to look for something and people recognize us. And they suddenly felt compelled to protect her from me, as if I were coming for her. People were just afraid that we were friends and would go to places together. We still do. ”

Argrim continues: ‘The truth is that there was not a point where we did not like each other … People still assume that we hate each other. But we are many friends. We text and talk all the time. Some of us stay in touch on social media. The cast became a family. We go on with each other all the time. ”

Nellie was based on three different people

Small cottage on the prairie was mostly autobiographical, and Ingalls Wilder only changed the names of the right people in her stories twice, according to History Daily. One of those characters was Nellie Oleson. Ingalls Wilder based her on three girls from her childhood: Nellie Owens, Genevieve Masters and Stella Gilbert. Like her namesake in the TV show, Owen’s father owned the brand in the city. Master’s mother was a teacher at their school, and she wore her blonde hair in large sausage curls as Oleson does on the program. Gilbert lived near the Ingalls family and tried to use her beautiful looks and charm on Laura’s suitor (and later husband), Almanzo. The combination of the three made Oleson a character the audience loved to hate.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ starts again

This Ingalls family will soon be returning to a TV screen near you. It was recently announced that a dramatic processing of one hour of Small cottage on the prairie is in the work of Paramount TV Studios and Anonymous Content. One former cast member is more than willing to make a comeback in the new series. “I’m just at the right age to play Mrs Oleson,” Arngrim told EW. “I’m totally there. I have no shame. ”