Liga MX: Fidel Martínez dudo en volver a los Xolos de Tijuana

Después de su fracaso en el Torneo Apertura 2020, los Xolos de Tijuana be well armed for the proximity Clausura 2021, being one of the files the regresso of Fidel Martinez to the frontal joint.

At the press conference, the Ecuadorian delirium made sure that it was “a nightmare” the power to return to the camisette of Xolaje, then revealed that he was late in accepting the offer from the Tijuanense team.

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“Fue unla llamada que no lo pensé mucho, en donde me dijeron que me querían acá de vuelta, la verdad hablé con la familia unos 10 minutos y todo fue muy rapido, gracias a Dios estoy acá de vuelta; a complete regression ”

Martínez also made sure that he was compromised in order to deliver the team and be able to play for a champion, looking to repeat the result in his first stage, where he will win a MX League title.

‘Vengo to reform, very compromised and with many ways to make the things very good. Now God will be able to repeat another champion who will be an angel and an illusion of everything ”

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