Liga MX: Chivas is looking to make three ‘top’ refuges for the Clausura 2021

In agreement with information revealed by André Marín in his collaboration with Marca Claro, the team of Guadalajara’s Ray Chivas is in the midst of three high-level referees for the M21 Torreo Clausura proxies.

See details in the information, Víctor Manuel Vucetich Ricardo Peláez’s personal staff training course to help football players get through disciplinary topics and to raise the level of the base they have and with which they can reach the semi-finals.

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Además, Peláez ya se haest puusto manos a la obra y tenien la intention de que esos jugadores llegarán antes de la pretempora a las Chivas, pero por questiones de no ponerse de acordo con los contracts, dichos futbolistas se incorporarán despue de la misma.

The ‘Rey Midas’ leopard peeled at Peláez a Lateral derecho, a volante and on top of a delantero with great capacity for rematch and puncture to cara al gol. These players are very careful to concretize and take into account the pieces in which Vucetich considers his plant more complete to play by the champion.

Además, confirmed that Oribe Peralta will be taking part in a major tournament with the Chivas and that midfielder Fernando Beltrán, will not be joining the team until he has heard rumors that he was not taken into account by the coach.

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