LG Display’s transparent OLED places a screen between you and the sushi chef

According to its annual tradition, LG Display is preparing to showcase some new display technology demonstrations for CES 2021, with the latest focus to show where transparent OLEDs can fit into the pandemic. The Korean company is doing some physical demonstrations for its online showroom, with the most interesting one (so far) being a restaurant scene with a 55-inch transparent OLED screen on the sushi bar. Diners can browse through the menu or enjoy videos on the big screen, while also watching chefs prepare food behind this futuristic hygienic partition thanks to its 40 percent transparency. By comparison, transparent LCDs offer only 10 percent transparency, according to LG Display.

In another demo, the company will place the same 55-inch transparent OLED panel at the end of a ‘smart bed’ so that the user enjoys watching the videos up close without blocking the panel. view of the rest of the bedroom. On a similar note, the screen unit has “Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO)” speakers built into the main body, and no external speakers are required. With a click of the button, the transparent screen can be partially or completely pushed into the main body, while the previous mode can still display information such as time and weather. Since the unit is mounted on wheels, you can also move it to other rooms and enjoy the same benefits.