Ley euthanasia Spain expert advice on medical consequences

Given the recent approval by Spain’s deputies of the euthanasia project, a specialist specialist has warned that this legislation would put pressure on the most fragile and medical issues of medicine.

The Congress of Deputies of Spain approves the 17th of December, the euthanasia draft law, a decisive step for its legalization, will once again lift the Senate’s mandate.

Some say that this is an obstacle for the sick at the time of access to the palliative care.

In a statement to ACI Prensa, the specialist specialist in palliative care, Dr. Carlos Centeno, Professor at the University of Navarre and member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, signaled that in the nurses and the doctors in a very bad situation ”.

The approval of the euthanasia law “is not something to celebrate, I do not know it, because it concibi the society of another mode”. A society with euthanasia, subrayo, “is not a good model or medicine or society”.

Indicating that some patients, I can respect the whole, “choose to interpret what is right. But what happened to all the demas? Because I was preoccupied with everything to do with advanced, progressive and irreversible methods ”.

“What happened to this large number of serious nurses who did not solicit euthanasia? Euthanasia launches the message that it sees that it has no value in living environs. Some patients do not have to feel well when they are married and need recourse, when they need to be hospitalized to receive specialized palliative care. When you need a special treatment to alleviate the pain. When the disease progresses rapidly, slowly, and the deterrent is slow. What message does society convey to these people? What message does euthanasia convey to these people? ”.

One of the arguments of the promoters of the euthanasia law in Spain is that the option to finalize the life without suprising those who solicit it, without affecting the two persons. Prohibition of sin, the doctor Centeno rebate este argumento.

‘I do not understand that the rest of the people have no effect. Claro que les afecta ”, aandring. “We are trying to give reasons about the month to advertise recourse to ELA nurses, to stay with an advanced cancer … I am not a hypothetical person, I am a person who is living in other countries”.

The doctor Centeno, without embarrassment, does not believe that the question of palliative care, more well, of the question of medicine, “in general the professions of health, the professions of health”.

“Between the ends of the medicine is not administering a medicine to delay death. The fines of medicine are curated and aliviar ”, underlined.

The problem, the argument, is that the drug-induced stress in the last few years, a stress-free practice and the therapeutic possibilities that have not existed before, “has been like the paradigm of healing medicine. But we all know that the essence of medicine is in living the survival ”.

“The doctors we need are here, with our science, with our human humanity as well, we will be together with the patient because of our training and our training to live. I would like to know that healing is the essence of medicine ”.

Without embarrassment, he said he was exhausted by the medicine in sanar, except that “when no one can cure it is a fracture. Promote viene la eutanasia. ‘If you can not cure me, if you do not want to live more, if you do not want to live well, if you are friendly then you will not feel, it is a fracaso’ “. Definitely, “the essence of medicine is life when we can heal and when we are together with the patient.”

The doctor Centeno also put the emphasis on the situation in which he had to go to see the doctors. The medicine, afirmó, is together with the patient and “has the science open, and the analgesic function, and the medicine has effective effect, has the intentions, ours also suprimos”.

“And in what situation do we put them, doing everything we can to get rid of the patient, in the bolsillo derecho tengo la ‘llave’ para eso se acabe? What happens to the doctor, who is a professional, is a nurse, who is agitated, then to alert the jornada because of another patient and another patient and another patient, who is not in the ballroom for the patient and the patient suyo? ”.

“Surely, this supremacy can be lived with a little time, with a consultation with a colleague, or with a deeper evaluation”, he explained.

Lamenting, therefore, that “the concept of medicine is changing. The model of society, which introduces a law of euthanasia, is a model in which value is not to be accompanied by supremacy. It is not an absolute value, the absolute value for the medicine is not to be taken away and to be cured when it can be, so that it is to be taken away and cured when it is possible to have more than the final result ”.

“Even though we can follow the defense of a model of society and a model of medicine that radically distinguishes itself from the propositions of a society with euthanasia,” he concluded.