Leonel celebrates his 67 years of atypical form due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Santo Domingo, RD.

The traditional celebration of the accomplices of the former President Leonel Fernández, where hundreds of people are members of the Global Democracy and Development Fund (Funglode), a congratulations from the temporary hours of the month, realized virtual form of the co-pandemic of 19.

From a library, observing the whereabouts of a computer, the surprises organized by his team from the Puerblo Fuerblo party in Funglode, Fernández celebrated his companion number 67.

The transmission that had some issues of connectivity, lasted more than two hours and accounted with Mariachis, the artistic participation of Jhonny Ventura, El Jeffry, Sergio Hernández and Juliana Oneal.

As many as dozens of people are interested in this party, they will send their congratulations and demonstrations of admiration and videos. These congratulations are united Sergio Vargas, Fernando Villalona, ​​Félix D´ Oleo, Amarfis, Super Kenny de la Nueva Escuela, among others.

“I believe that it is a very beautiful, very original act and it has been enjoyed to the full, thanks to its amiable words, to its blessings and to the good deeds from which we have many more lives in the company of students and for the benefit of Dominican people ”, said the exmandatario.

A journey of the social Twitter distintas personalidades expresses his congratulations to Fernández. Former President Margarita Cedeño states that her courage is always full of peace and happiness, hoping to be a rodeo of people with caricatures and sincere love.

Asimismo, another person who is congratulating the ex-mandate of Reinaldo Pared, ex-president of the Senate and general secretary of the PLD. I wrote the following: “My congratulations on his completion to an excellent person and my great friend”.

Leonel Fernández posted in his various social speeches images with his wives and nieces, the bizcocho dedication that he sent to his mother Yolanda Reyna for his companions.

“With companions, friends and acquaintances, especially together with my husbands and wives, thank God and God for this inalienable day. I’m a privilege for the love and devotion of many aunts to the greatness of the years. We are united in benefiting from the Dominican people, ”he wrote.