Leon cedio in his pretensions and Pedro Aquino is nowhere to be seen in America

The judging peruvian told the feline club that he did not renovate his corner with them, that he was obliged by the directive to negotiate in order to deal with the vacancies

Negotiations between America and León have been successful and there is practically no question that Pedro Aquino will play with the Eagles as of 2021 and will be official in the near future.

Treatments by the South American intensify in the last days, even if Aquino informs the Mexican football team that it will not renovate its corner with them, which finalizes the mediators of the next year.

Ante this situation, Leon tuvo que ceder en sus pretensiones para ne quedarse con las manos vacías and accept the economic offer of America, in addition to the sheet of Rubén González, which reads to Bajío for the next certamen.

Aquino should report to America later on next week for immediate relief from the orders of the new Santiago Solari technician.