LeBron James elogia Becky Hammon, first female in front of an NBA team

Rebecca ‘Becky’ Hammon’s first convert to be in front of an NBA team during a regular time game, this Wednesday night’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs. Hammon, from the front of the Spurs coach of Cuando el veterano, Gregg Popovich, was played by the game in the second quarter.

“She worked hard and always did the job would be compensated with opportunities. Obviously she was paid right in the last years, coach Pop gave him the opportunity to be the coach of an elite team and enter as a coach. en jefe si algo le pasara a él, como ocurrió hoy ”, señaló LeBron James.

Hammon fue jugadora de la University of Colorado and posteriorly, he as a professional, defended the colors of New York Liberty y San Antonio Stars of the WNBA. También also played in Europe before retiring as an athlete. Becky has double nationality, estadounidense and rusa. Defend the colors of the selection of the bars and the stars in the Copa Williams Jones, but when not considered for the most adorable selection, unite combined with the golden bronze medal in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

(It’s a nightmare) where there is an easy step to show off your work, talent and love of the game. We all know what he wants as a player, as he, in his opinion, is able to transfer him to our League. It’s a marvelous thing to read, it’s a good thing to listen to, it’s a clue and games. I am very fond of the game. Congratulations to her in our league, ”said LeBron.

In 2014, after his deportation, Hammon joined the technical team of Gregg Popovich with the Spurs. Hammon has a long history in the League, becoming a first-time NBA full-time assistant coach. In 2019, the ex jugador Tim Duncan, was in front of the team when Popovich accidentally threw out a game. Without embarrassment, Duncan decides not to file a waiver in time, for Hammon to suspend his opportunity.

“I’m very thankful for her,” said the Lakers coach, Frank Vogel. “He has a lot to do with her in the coaching conventions, knowing her subject matter, is here for a reason, is very intelligent, the players have the appreciation and belief that there will be a coach in this league in the future, congratulations to her on being frente hoy por primera vez ”.

The Spurs will lead the Lakers 121-107 with a LeBron James inspired on the day of his number 36 draw.