LeBron James celebrates 36 years with wine, tequila, record and triumph

Fue una noche special for LeBron James. The NBA champion winners, Los Angeles Lakers, will announce their participation in the 2020 victory over San Antonio Spurs 121-107 on the day of team number 36 of ‘Rey’.

“Sell each night and prepare to aim for the best of the match”, LeBron shared a final with 26 points, 5 rebounds and 8 Spurs assists. “When the team wears the uniform I want to do everything to win, use, with rebates, assists, defend, make the little things and be available for my companions in the games and be in the game or in the bank. He holds the fortune “I’m going to do a lot of my career, I’d like the trainers and coaches that I’m allowed to use my influence for the best of the team”.

See the octave occasion in his career that LeBron James betwis a game on the day of his companions. The ‘Rey’ apocalypse has marked 4 triumphs for 4 derrotas of the parties that debated on 30 December.

“I did not buy any regalia (at LeBron). We regalam a victory. What are the regals at LeBron James? Quizá le de una bottella de vin (risas)”, dijo Anthony Davis lieu del triunfo donde contribuyó 20 points, 8 rebotes, 3 assistants and 2 blocks.

LeBron James is passionate about wine and tequila. Hecho, is the company of a tequila brand. And exactly with wine and tequila, as the companion will celebrate the 36 first regressions in the concentration of the hotel with its companions.

‘Vamos is a resresar al hotel, tengo vino esperándome. My companions will make sure to greet, we will have some television alms including wine and tequila, we will be part of the festivities this night ”, says LeBron.

With his fifth song being cast this night by Spurs, LeBron James was converted into the first player in NBA history to score double digits for 1,000 consecutive games. La racha commenced the 6th of January 2007 and since then, James has held at least 10 points in all his deputy games. Only in 8 games out of 1,270 of his career, he scored less than 10 points.

“It’s a legend,” said Dennis Schroder about his partner. “I’ve been on Instagram for thousands of consecutive games and taught them. It’s simply incredible, it’s all related to the games, every game, it’s wonderful to see. It’s posted on many regular time slots, playoffs and, now its companion, can see if he will work, is a great person, great is human, a great companion, great player ”.

Lakers betwis in the last game of 2020. There is a year of retos and altibajos; the angelic team did not escape the exception. From the loss of the figure of Kobe Bryant the 26th of January in the helicopter accident, the pandemic, the protests debated in the racial justice system, the presidential elections in the United States, in addition to the Burbuja of Orlando where the title will be held, will be recorded by various factors.

“There is a lot of sadness in the world, much lost. Record (2020) by Coronavirus, but at the point of view of the balance, always recorded this year in which I won my first championship and followed this meta, for the human part “It’s very difficult for a lot of people. We have a lot to learn, never know what can happen,” said Anthony Davis.

The Lakers are the first of four games in a mini house fair. Due to the pandemic, the teams have a series of follow-up visit games. For first-time visitors as well as visitors, the Lakers will be joining Spurs on two occasions, as well as the Memphis Grizzlies in the second half.

The first of the year, the Lakers regressed to the duel front to Spurs.