League MX: León rechaza primera oferta del Club América van Pedro Aquino

El Club America habría launched its first offer at Club León by Pedro Aquino and in agreement with Cancha de Reforma, the Club Esmeralda has received a generous offer and hopes to increase the proposal or a bargaining chip for the Peruvian sheet.

In agreement with the media, America made a first offer to deal with the services of the Peruvian footballer but did not act on the help of the Club.

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If anything, if the first offer is not good enough for Leon, then hoping for a second major offer, then it is the club’s and player’s wish that will be good.

Pedro Aquino, content for 25 years, is the principal member of the directive for the Clausura 2021 and the affidavit in its form, which covers the deficiencies that it has in its zone.