LA Galaxy: Javier Hernández and Sarah Kohan Habrian terminated their relationship

Javier Hernández y Saran Kohan is one of the most popular couples in Mexican football. During these years of relationship, both shared intimate moments of their matrimony with their social media followers.

Prohibition of probes, of course to some report y Cancha, the matrimony of ‘Chicharito’ and the Australian model are not waiting for their best moment, including, some suspects that their relationship has ended.

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The attacker of LA Galaxy, happened the year passed with Kohan, with whom he proclaimed them in a pair of years. Rumors have it that there will be an uprising from the photo that shows the 26-year-old model, together with his family, for the message that the followers of his followers despised

“The most difficult decision to take is to become addicted to someone who has intended to work with a lot of people. Only you can make things to be compatible, but you can not change anything to increase the relationship. Extraordinary and extravagant”.

Ambos will start his relationship in 2018, and will confirm during a transmission on Instagram. Jaier Hernández has been embroiled in controversy over his recent actions with the Galaxy; without embarrassment, many of his fans attribute his actions to his personal trainer, Diego Dreyfrus, to whom he had a relationship with Kohan, because the model had to dispel rumors.