La Cámara launches the project that permits a private monopoly on the generation of electric energy

The Chamber of Deputies decided to raise, on Saturday, the project of allowing a private monopoly on the electricity generation infrastructure, while eliminating the lack of legislative assembly in the decision to privatize public services.

The President of the Chamber, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez, reiterated that the project did not meet with the votes, so that the decision should not be considered in the midst of the extraordinary session on this day. “We are not going to clause any consequences in terms of the Legislative Assembly,” Mende said in the press, alluding to the fact that the medium eliminates the prohibitions for entering into the sale or lease agreement without the approval.

In addition, the project eliminates the need for the Governor to name representatives of the public interest in the Junta de la Autoridad para las Allianzas Público Privada (AAPP) from one of the candidates of the Legislative Assembly. The piece also eliminates the need for the participation of the representatives of the public interest to constitute a quorum.

Representative Víctor Parés, President of the Gobierno Commission, points out that the media will not convene a delegation to remain in the Legislature.

This Wednesday, Wednesday, December 23, was marked by only three days that culminated in the extraordinary session convened by Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced. The first executive to send the convocation is the same as to include the media between the attendees to attend the session.

The President of the Union of Workers of the Electrical and Electrical Industry (UTIER), Ángel Figueroa Jaramillo, was appointed head of the project in the Capitol, in order to have absolute control over the Rama Executive over the decisions of the Alianz Public-Private. ‘This project eliminates the faculties that ten legislators need to analyze the sale of assets and the creation of other APPs. If it does not have transparency, now with this project, I have less. With this project the legislative bodies have no faculty to intervene in the approval or review of the APP. A project like this can not be approved for the price and in short directions while the country is in full celebration of Navidad “, declared in a press release.

Other voices also repudiate the media including the PNP’s ex-president, Orlando Parga, who has the classification as a “horror error”.