Karl Towns will be playing various games through lesion in the Izquierda monastery

The Dominican Center dismantled the Izquierda team during the Utah Jazz’s Saturday night party

Karl-Anthony Dorpe avoid passing by the chiropractor but he will lose various games debited to the supreme lesson in his monkey Izquierda the past Saturday in the enclosure around them Minnesota Timberwolves derrotaron 116-111 al Utah Jazz.

Towns will be evaluated in a semantic manner by having consulted a specialist in manpower in the city of Los Angeles and hopes that he ausencia sea relatively short agree with the information summarized by the team.

The Dominican cayenne peacock in its own right in the final part of the Utah rally will be out for minutes, only to regroup.

Minnesota has lost its first-round pick in its first three games. Towns which is played in the first two rounds, has 22.6 points, 11 points and 5 assists, in addition to having a block scored in his last presentation, his highest number since the 2018-19 season.

El año pasado, Karl Dorpe, need surgery in his mouth to determine that term of premature labor is timed, but the actual lesion is in a different zone to the anterior.

The second year center Naz Reid Titular fue, in town of Towns, ante los Lakers el domingo y vio action per 28 minutes donde anotó 11 points, haló 5 rebotes, partition 4 assists and collection of balloons. Los Angeles Lakers derrotaron 127-91 a los Minnesota Timberwoles.

The following parties to Minnesota Timberwolves The Los Angeles Clippers will play this March, the fours will face the Washington Wizards and the home team will host the Denver Nuggets, where a state of the art update will be posted later. Karl Dorpe for the team.