Jurgen Klopp reveals West Brom’s tactical problem and the anger of Liverpool players

Jurgen Klopp has revealed Liverpool’s players are “angry” after missing the chance to bolster their Premier League lead.

The Reds were held on Sunday at Anfield with a frustrating 1-1 draw by West Bromwich Albion, the second bottom.

Sadio Mane gave Liverpool a lead in the 12th minute, but a poor performance after the break gave the visitors a deserved equalizer by Semi Ajayi eight minutes before the time.

And Klopp explained the reaction of his team, despite the fact that he was three points clear on the crest.

“This is not the first time in my life that we have not won a game,” the Reds boss said.

“It’s not like we’re all depressed or whatever.

‘The boys are more angry than anything because they know it was not perfect. Now we have the next game in three days (Wednesday at Newcastle United).

“We do not live in dreamland where we only win matches, because we want to win it, we have to work for it, play for it and deal with situations and succeed at the right moment. The boys can do it.

“West Brom had a new manager and played a first half that I have not seen too much in my life with a 6-4-0. That’s all right.

“We have to be disciplined in a different way. We must be offensive, active and creative and defend. We could have done it better tonight. ”

Although he owned 78%, Liverpool could only scrape together two shots against the Baggies defense by new boss Sam Allardyce.

Klopp admits that the Premier League champions are only to blame for dropping their first home points of the season.

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah

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Asked if the result feels like a defeat, the Reds boss says, ‘Yes, it does, but I know we have a point more than before, so that’s fine.

‘The problem I have is that West Brom deserve the point, because it’s our fault they earned it in the second half.

‘The first half was really a strange game. I do not know the statistics, but it looked like we owned 90% -10%.

‘We played the ball around, and it’s a big challenge. I know you have to do it and do it and do it again to stay on track, and we should have done it.

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“On the other hand, it is a challenge for West Brom to defend 90 minutes like that, because they did not change their game when they were 1-0 behind.”

Klopp added: “In the first five minutes of the second half they had more situations than the whole first half, and we were able to do it by keeping the pass easily. We have not.

“Therefore it is our fault that it ended 1-1 and not 1-0 or 2-0. We have to accept it. ”