Juan Guaidó: “Ofrezco do everything to force a political solution because we know that a dictatorship like this will give the power”

The message of Juan Guaidó

“The National Assembly has a firm step in respect of the constitution and in defense of our people, the constitutional extension of the mandate has to actually record free elections,” said Juan Guaidó in his post on the nation.

Venezuela’s Interim President, reconciled with more than 50 countries in the world, offer “make everything to force a political solution because we know that a dictatorship like this will give the power”. Per advice: “We also need the force, as well as the members of our armed force as well as the international community.”

De hecho, directly interpolated to the Venezuelan military: “How are you, what did you do when the people of Salga advertised the first months of when the crisis intensified? Tienen que decides to form part of the list of criminals of humanitarian crimes that we do not prescribe, or of the values ​​that will prevail in Venezuela ”

Venezuela’s Intermediate Mandate offers 5 steps to follow:

1. Llevar median formally agreed to the 6D International Fraud Discount to all the parliaments and governors of the world.

2. The constitutional extension of the mandate of the AN must be recorded as unifying the Venezuelans and the world that accompanies us: free elections.

3. Iguual mannera instruyo a todos nuestros embajadores y deputados en el exilio a Assume a diplomatic offensive to guarantee that the mayor can increase the number of landowners farce which pretends to install the next 5 of January.

4. Assume as a fundamental line the creation and execution of a special commission that will reimburse the work and advance in the matter of universal justice and the responsibility of Proteger. We know that we are not unmediated and that we are united and mobilized to advance in this.

5. And also asumo la tarea constante de reunir y realinear a la burgemeester cantidad de fuerzas democraticas nacionales et internationala so that the people can regain sovereignty and we will have the convocation office of free presidential and parliamentary elections.

“We must convene, unify, demand for our rights, Comedy, gasoline, gas, water, medicine, as well as justice, democracy and freedom,” the opponent said.

Para Guaidó, “Whoever wants to tell Maduro must know that this situation is unbearable: 2021 will be the culmination of a historic cycle of more than 20 years and will give rise to a new Venezuela”

“We must follow our voice until it is heard, in the calls, in the protest and popular participation. For this reason, the convocations also respond to the 5th anniversary of the legitimate National Assembly. We are mayor and we are going to stay! “, afirmó Guaidó

As has been announced before, volvió to convene a mobilization on the 5th of January at the National Assembly “In Defense of Sovereignty and the National Constitution”. “We want to listen to the salvation of our country and demand the compliment of the popular mandate”, urges it.


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