Juan Fernando Quintero explains his River Plate salute and football retirement ed | Colombians in the Exterior

River Plate’s hinchas on olvidan waterfall December 9, 2018, when Juan Fernando Quintero’s angler, allowed the millionaire to join the market and posteriorly impressed by 3-1 to Boca Juniors in the final record of the Copa Libertadores disputed in Madrid.

Immortalized in the cruising band by the gala at the Santiago Bernabeu, Quintero took the decision in 2020 to ride his bike in Argentina, to have a new experience in his career: the Shenzhen of China.

Indeed, a series of weekly debates and criticisms, Juanfer discussed the silence and in a dialogue with ESPN decided to discuss the reason for the reasoning behind the meeting of Núñez; club al le le guarda mucho cariño y del cual espera siempre lo mejor.

“The life we ​​always demand, but many things are lost that the people do not know and I am not interested in declaring … The world of River is strong, it lives on the extreme, but there is life. There are people who love us and are happy, they live all these days. River carries an emotional, physical and mental charge that is strong, and which it saturates. Eso a mí me pasó y ya está … There are moments when you think about it and you do not want to say that River has the problem: there are many things to do and life will saturate many times and it will balance the tranquility of one “.

And added: “Rivier te lleva al limite, perdí muchos familiaries, amigos y seres queridos. He was 20 years old at the time, offered a lot of time and did not have time to spare: he had a very good career. But I believe that in the end we will be human, and the character and the football will be on campus. When it comes to your home and your life, it is because we are human. Many people do not know what happens to a party and what we do, some of us affect more than others. Y a raíz de eso uno toma decidissings “.

“I did not like it, I wanted to, but I said yes. Mand quedo with the moment moments, with the technical body and with my companions. Hasta hoy hablo con Gallardo nos dimos mucho, me dio consejos, me ayudó. I have a great relationship with Marcelo. Soy a very transparent person, so hey, he is very respectful with all and receives many criticisms “, he says the flight of 27 years.

As for his career, Juanfer is pleased to announce his retirement from professional football, making it clear that he has an oath to support the guys and dedicate himself completely to his family,

Many years ago I was planning to go to my football post, my idea is to retire at 33 years old. I was prepared to make my inversions so that when I started playing football I could dedicate time to my family. Because when one is sad at the end, who are … There are retributable ones who can be worried about them and you. I play football because I have a passion. Yo nací sin nada y me voy a morir sin nada. The record is not important, it’s what lives in your heart “, he concluded.