Juan Cruz Real’s Promise To Be A Champion With Cali America

27 December 2020 – 20:35

El País Redacción

Emotional, euphoric but, about everything, pleased with God. The Argentinian technician Juan Cruz Real is believed to be the owner, instantly after the 15-year-old striker from Cali, who won the Colombian football final in Independent Santa Fe.

The 44-year-old Argentine strategist from the United States has been in the media since 2020 and has been much discussed by the press and others, following the results of the rationale.

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Very creative, the American coach has always been in the parties with an image of the Senor of the Milagros ubicada just in front of his technical bench, and before the final, visited the Basilica of Buga to begin.

Well, it’s domingo, allegre by the celebration of the title, Cruz Real affirms that it has a promise with the Senor de los Milagros, and that it will be filled: “me voy a ir a pie des el Pascual Guerrero hasta Buga”, sostuvo .

Posterly, the young coach is directing his pupils, and this is what he says: