Josep Maria Minguella, Vice President of the candidate Rousaud, hopes to travel to Haaland and Mbappé in Barcelona

BARCELONA – Josep Maria Minguella, Vice-President of Sports in the candidacy of Emili Rousaud in the elections for the presidency of Barcelona, ​​announced this Wednesday that if his project is the most voted by the clubs of the club and the elections of 24 will be in Erling Haaland’s job file, Kylian Mbappe’s very close friend’s, will ensure Lionel Messi’s permanence and will regenerate a club that, he claims, attracts a critical moment.

The veteran ex-representative of players announced the need to sign a sports director “with a lot of experience”, giving the ability of Xavi or Jordi Cruyff, not to be missed in Neymar’s regression and alert to the convenience of replacing electricity as of the current sanitary situation led to the coronavirus pandemic.

If Rousaud goes to the polls and convenes president “I am responsible for the sporting theme, which is the key to the club’s resurgence” Minguella announces, which outperforms the Rousaud project advising that in the current situation in Barcelona only one can succeed buen gestor, that sepa interpret well a balance, that hace falta que vaya con autobuses vendende historias, sino que sepa lo que es levantar un empresa des cero, llegar a billingar más van 500 millons de euros, tener beneficios, quedarse en Cataluña cuando otros se han marchado a fiscal paraisis … Esos valores son los yo quiero para presid el Barça. For that I want to help Rousaud, because I want to help Barça “.

“Messi’s theme is very simple. Leo is sung in Barcelona”, the leader said, as the Argentine “as every elite sportsman wants to win always. Has failed to win Champions, Leagues … to win nothing and it is with the mentality of following up. What we offer, footballistically, we will top it off and we will be in love with it here. It is a problem to be able to say that Barça wanted to have a great team and they did not asi irá porque tendrá tenderters de primer nivel ”, refirió.

Minguella denounced that in the last years “he did not have a deportivo director with the necessary level for the club. If he had players of any condition without a defined criterion … Each one saw that a plane from Brazil disembarked an allied player. Some are presented, others appear … Hay that limpiar is totally and so can only make a sports director who is a professional authentic “.

For this, we announce that in his project “we tend to look for players to renovate with small money in this plant and develop the illusion. We have not seen that we have a viable and realistic project … This candidacy is a project first-level world level sportsman who at some point in the future will be in the lamentable deportation situation of the club “.

In this sense, it has been confirmed that there are three proposals for the month. “We have three first-level people in contract with vigor who can only say why they are very discreet and do not filter anything”, referee, remaining meritorious to Xavi’s claim: “I seem to have been a great player for many my point of view is preferable to all with a lot of experience.No connection to anything that is in Qatar, not to Jordi Cruyff, that is located in China … but this job in a club like Barça specifies a lot of experience because it can be donate 700 million euros in mano of which haya sido a very good football player in the camp per todavia has not had to work in this facet.If he has tried to give a large number then I can see very well … and yaa we will see here a unos años “.

As for its cracks numbers, Minguella was not harmed by the rams and assurances taken control of Haaland, in addition to referring to the fact that he was not killed by Mbappé. “¿Haaland? Hy het met Raiola y tengo todos los datos de lo que puede pasar si Rousaud es presidente. Sé las conditions, aunque ya le dije a Raiola que no lo utilizaríamos como electoral arma. Solo le dije que al día siguiente de las elections the llamaria personally ”, announcement.

También fue claro con Mbappé. “His name is about the month after Neymar’s death, when he was still in Monaco, in complete dissolution of his plan, and was very factual. He was in the month of Barça’s directives and decided to file with Dembélé. “Geniuses at the moment are waiting to be the best for the team. There was a last minute, and he was denounced,” he said, adding that in the future he will steal from her.

“If we have the elections, Mbappé will have to be about the month, we will have a lot of them and we will have a lot of movements, although there is a complicated theme because there are media and also the Real Madrid … Pero que nadie dude de que estaremos ahí “.

Minos contundente fue al referirse a Neymar: “Con Neymar hay que esperar a ver qué pasa. Cuando haya un deportivo dir verá. Ahora no se le puede fichar, si queda libre de aquí un anno deberá ser el deportivo dir de decida. If they say yes, well, if they say no, then they can look elsewhere “.

However, Minguella does not emphasize that the Barça “has to be considered by players of this category when it comes to its concoctions. When it comes to the Salzburg or Monaco file, when it comes up. It is the ideal job of a director deportivo y and so he must be a very expert person. To file a player for 120 million euros without the need for a deportivo director, I choose a financier who pays the money “.

Your recording is a caso más cercano. “Lautaro jugaba en el Racing de Avellaneda que gano el kampeonato y fue el maximo goleador … Y el Barça se fijo en el cuando ya establisha en el Inter de Milán y valía 100 millones. Por eso se necesita gente expert, que encentre a this class of players at the moment determined “.

Ante elminente mercado de invierno, el confidente de confianza de Rousaud sorprendió al asegurar est est haciendo “gestiones con fondos para acordaran a a largo plaza. actual team. The priority is a defense and a delinquency and the finals of the first half we will have, without any cost for the club. We will do everything ready “.

“It’s content to incorporate Rexach into the structure of Barça. Here’s all the cruelty of the world … but Rexach, in addition to being a person always linked to Barça, even if he had two days, always had joined the club from that age. infantil. And he was who he was to Messi. Tito … Many of their products are, for example, the one that happened to Guardiola’s Cruyff when Milla flew to Madrid “.

The same form of announcement is in conversation to recover Hristo Stoichkov. “It has a television contract in the United States and has until January 26 to confirm a offer for the month to incorporate the club when Emili is president as key figure in the club’s relations with bodies such as UEFA, FIFA, FEF, LaLiga … ”.

Ultimately, Minguella was surprised by the solvent that the coronavirus pandemic recommended and did not celebrate the prevalent elections. “Quizá lo que deber hacer es aplazarlas. Es más importante ganar a la pandemia que ganar unas eleciones. Si tuvieran sentido comun se aplazarían … Quizá lo más adequuado seria esperar, que lo aceptasen los prandidatos, todos, y haces las elec “As far as we are concerned, what is the most important thing? In the life of the people or the elections of Barça? If a union is to take place during six months and it will be,” he said.