José Alvarado cambio Phillies de Philadelphia notices

El zurdo venezolano José Alvarado llegó a los Phillies of Philadelphia in a cambio of three bands where Tambi Bay and Dodgers of Los Angeles are also involved, this is about the 2021 season Grand Leagues (MLB).

Luego de cuatro temporadas en los Rays, el venezolano José Alvarado llega a los Phillies in a cambio which were the three organizations of the Grandes Ligas, if Tampa and Dodgers are the ones to complete the exchange.

Here is the report:

José Alvarado in this cambio llegó a los Phillies, Tombién launcher Garrett Cleavinger joined the Dodgers and Rays acquiring Dillon Paulson and a PTBNL from the Dodgers for the 2021 baseball season. MLB.

El cambio de José Alvarado 25 years is an interesting movement that has made them Phillies by Dave Dombrowski, being this launcher a significant hit reporter in the MLB and is a transaction that will surely be of great use to this organization.

Asi lo reciben los Phillies:

José Alvarado is a launcher with more than 140 games in the MLB and has by far an efficiency of 3.46, with 15 salvages and a total of 161 punches in the best baseball of the world, all these numbers will look amplified in their leg to the Phillies.