Joe Judge’s Unsolicited Daniel Jones Praise Promises to Giants

When a coach is asked directly about the future of a player, he sometimes feels no choice but to dance around the truth with lip service. Take what 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said about quarterback Jimmy Garappolo as an example of creating wrap-up space: “I do believe Jimmy will be our quarterback next year.”

This is different from Giants coach Joe Judge’s undisputed vote of confidence for quarterback Daniel Jones, who was voluntarily included on Monday in response to a question about penalties. Judge points to Jones’ ball safety and decision-making as reasons why he is a “key piece” for the future.

“You always want to know about ‘Is Daniel our guy? Are we continuing with Daniel? “The answer is absolute,” the judge said.

‘What gives us that confidence is even in games like [Sunday] where it did not come out perfectly … you look at the tire and you see that man working in there, exerting the pressure, and not just standing there with courage as he did all along and succeeding a blow, but understand how to take the hit and deliver an accurate pass and move the sticks down the field. ”