Joe Biden’s New Secret Service Team Amid Trump Loyalty Concern | US news

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Joe Biden is expected to receive secret service protection with a new team more familiar to him, replacing agents amid concerns that they may be politically connected to Donald Trump.

In the change of guard as well as the man to be guarded at the White House, Biden’s security details will undergo personnel changes, the Washington Post reported Thursday.

Several ‘senior’ agents in the secret service are ready to return to the president’s election protection team and Biden knows these agents well because they guarded him and his family during his time as vice president, according to the article, echoes in ‘ a CNN report. , referring to a source of law enforcement.

Re-assignments and promotions are common during periods of transition between presidential administrations and are intended to increase the ease and trust between an elected president and his security team, which overshadows the commander-in-chief closely, even during private moments and sensitive discussions.

While staff changes are typical, several incidents have reportedly contributed to the growing concern among Biden’s allies that some agents and officials may be loyal to Trump.

Some members of the president’s details apparently encouraged their colleagues not to wear masks during travel, despite the federal government’s official guidance on Covid-19, as Trump himself disregarded the mask and wore it for months before seeing that he wears one in public. .

In what has been described as an ‘unprecedented’ move, the secret service has allowed former retailer Anthony Ornato to leave his post temporarily and serve as deputy chief of staff of the White House.

Ornato was one of the coordinators of the June photo for which Trump walked through Washington DC’s Lafayette Square to stand with a Bible – after peaceful protesters were forced out of the area by federal troops, who in political circles as well if among the public caused uproar. ..

Ornato also helped plan many Trump campaign rallies, even though Covid-19 tore through the U.S. and discouraged rallies or banned them altogether. In addition to members of the public, many members of the secret service contracted or were exposed to coronavirus.

The secret service did not want to discuss the reports. Biden has had a safety detail since March, when he campaigned for the Democratic nomination.

While former vice presidents gave a security brief six months after leaving office, he formally requested the protection of the secret service after protesters rushed to the stage during a campaign, CNN said.