¿Jenni Rivera le fue INFIEL a Esteban Loaiza en su matrimonio? He is safe

Although he passed away years after the unfortunate death of the singer Jenni Rivera, the rumors about his life at the end. And that was accused by his ex, the ex-baseball player Esteban Loaiza, de haberle sido infiel durante su matrimonio.

The relationship of the “Diva de la Banda” y el ex pelotero fue muy polemmica desde el principio. Without embarrassment, the matrimony parish works well until the couple decided to separate in 2012 (just before the death of the cantante accident).

The painful motive for divorce was that I discovered su hija Mayor Janney “Chiquis” Rivera, presumably because of a love affair with Esteban. The Grand Señora will definitely hold the proofs that he and his entourage will have a sexual encounter in his own house.

Jenni has security cameras installed inside her hogar and here is the video that showed Chiquis Salia from the apartment where Dormía Loaiza met Jenni, but at the moment the artist is not here.

Jenni had a conflict with Chiquis.

Jenni has a strong conflict with Chiquis since he allegedly discovered the Englishman with Esteban / Foto: Univisión

In the images, Janney presumably still agrees with the call to take up residence, which is why Jenni has no doubts about the Englishman. This moment is one of the most difficult for the Diva de la Banda, and since then there has been a distance from his mayor.

Did Jenni Rivera also join the cast in Esteban Loaiza?

When Chiquis decided to launch his book entitled “Perdón” in 2015, donde love the love between her and Esteban, the ex-baseball player confessed in an interview on the “Primer Impacto” program, that she never had any relationship with Chiquis, without embarrassment, the dolió mucho discover that the song is lo engañó.

It’s said that the man with the most likely Jenni Rivera commits infidelity is “Ferny”, the novelty that you just heard before with Loiaza, and that includes the song just singing just before his death with Esteban

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¿Crees that Jenni Rivera the fue fiel to Esteban Loaiza ?, ¿Consider that Chiquis and Esteban dijeron la verdad sober su supuesta aventura? Off La Verdad News we would like to know your opinion.

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