Japanese Ha-seong Kim y Padres de San Diego llegan a un accord

Loose Padres de San Diego firmaron al coreano estrella Ha-seong Kim, who opted for dicha franquicia to have more than 5 offers of different teams from the MLB.

Segun Jon Heymand los Padres han llegado a un acuerdo con el infielder koreano Ha-seong Kim, quien tenia más de 7 ofertas en la mesa y eligió la que más le gustó.

The amount and the time number have not been revealed, it is hoped that in the next hours it will be revealed and confirmed. In less than 24 hours, los Padres he asked Blake Snell and Kim.

Here is the report:

Kim series the second basic title of the Padres de San Diego Near the end of the season, it’s a defensive joy, in this case, the newcomer Jake Cronenworth is moving to the backyards to make the move to the line. MLB 2021

Ha-seong Kim, of 25 years, batting for 306 with 30 seasons, 109 impulsive runs and 24 doubles in 138 games as one of the best batsmen of the Korean League. Kim also made 23 bases and received 103 tickets with 91 times.

Durante siete temporadas en Corea, Ha-seong Kimha bateo para 294 con 133 jonrones. Ademas, Kim het sido el infielder con más hits en los ultimos 7 años en la Korean League.