James Rodríguez makes sure there is a list to take to the canes

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The Everton Colombian opened the door to his regression, which could be delayed by the next few days.

It has been 24 days since the last game of James Rodríguez with Everton (el empate 1-1 with Burnley). And since then, the team led by Carlo Ancelotti, contrary to what he thought was the Colombian’s attack, has won four consecutive managerial matches between Premier, between the two fronts in front of Chelsea and Leicester.

Now it appears that the regression on the canvases of the 10th of the Colombian selection is more certain, that it is a reality. Including the same will be confirmed to be ready to play soon.

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‘Ya estoy bien. In one game they play games ”, Rodríguez said he shared with the Flex gamer an online activity in which he competed with Call of Duty Warzone.

English media also make sure that the flight has been working twice a year and that it does not have symptoms of pain. Hecho, it seems that Ancelotti will take a few minutes to meet West Ham United this year.

For now, there’s a heck of a lot James Rodríguez finds out. Only the rest of Everton’s technical team will decide and it will be up to them to recover in a single injury.