James Hamblin, the expert in preventive medicine who was five years old when he died

La personal hygiene is a very important aspect in our day and day only for our different, we are also for those who are our rods. A pesar de que The City of Health experts recommend drowning or banning to avoid infections and other diseases, hay a specialist in preventive medicine who lives with the fever of five years without diarrhea.

Han oído bien, cinco años. In 2015, James Hamblin, Professor at the School of Public Health of Yale and specialist in preventive medicine, tomo hace tiempo is this decision and has taken into account the reasons in various interviews for the BBC: “There are many people who are very smart. I think it is possible, but I would like to point out to myself that to see the effect seriously”, explains the expert of 37 years.

“El cuerpo se acostumbra a no oler mal”

“At the right time, your body will be acoustic every time so that it does not have a lot of pain and no deodorant and soap. Y tu piel no se vuelve tan grasienta cuando dejas de usar jabones fuertes. Many people use champu to eliminate the aceites of the cable and then apply a conditioner to collocate synthetic aces. If logs are stored in this circle, your cable will end up the way you were supposed to use our products “, añade.

“The main thing is to keep it alive, no sucede de la noche a la mañana, no es inmediato. I have moments when I feel like pushing because of the extravagance, bad oil and I feel like I’m fat. But that’s emphatic and pasarme cada vez menos. I admit that I used my own words and my words, I expected him to read my words and my words, explain.

“Hueles como una persona”

“When you aggressively push, destroy the ecosystems. Repurable quickly, but species that are unbalanced and tend to favor the types of microbes that produce olor. When ducharte days have a moment in which your ecosystem has a stable state and days of bad. No hueles como agua de rosas nie. Simply hueles as a person ”, account.

“Tengo un olor propio ya mi mujer le gusta. For other persons it is not bad. In the news we hope that the people do not cry or cry, perfume, colony, bath gel or the opposite means that take mal. If there is any undetectable human, it is negative ”, dice.

“Me enjuago cuand lo necesito o cuando lo deseo, solo con agua, rapido, especialmente cuando tengo el cabello como si me hubiese acabado de despert o si visiblemente tengo algo sucio. Pero you can exfoliate, you can eliminate the acids simply by rubbing them and peeling your cable on occasion. Y eso es todo ”, explained to the BBC.

Ducharse, a modern concept

“La ducha diaria is a very modern concept because we do not have the current currant. The majority of the people do not have access to the current water until the last ten years. It was like quizzing the real stage, the kingdoms and the reindeer, but the people solely took the stage. Quizas are methane in a river or in a lake, but it was not until we needed to do all the days “, account.

También habla del consumerism: ”Además we do not have the capacity to produce in mass. Because a lot of people use jabones caseros and tampoco los utilizaban todos los dias porque eran muy duros para la piel. It’s very modern. If the shower is a preference, but not a medical necessity, ”he said.

“There is a very new approach to the history of mankind: that we are host to this time, money and resources and are combined with the knowledge that we have about the microbiome of the sky. I’m curious to think that quizzes are slow and may be beneficially reported ”, mantiene.

“The microbes do not cause disease”

“All the time, we have billions of microbes living about us that no nos están causando ninguna enfermedad. When we wash the skin, we change our microbial populations and we do not understand their totality if they are good or bad ”, dice.

“The microbes in our skin are very important for their appearance and for our health as they are the intestinal microbiota for the digestive system. Without embarrassment, historically we associate microbes with negative algae because only those who encounter the causes of illness, conclude the expert for the BBC.