It’s sad that his song was used as the soundtrack of the next acts of repudio

2 | 12/27/2020 – 4:37 PM (GMT-4)

The Cuban periodist José Raúl Gallego questioned actor and humorist Alejandro García Virulo by having written the song ‘Con Cuba no te metas’, la cual critique abiertamente a Donald Trump, but also contains phrases directed to the San Isidro Movement (MSI).

Gallego le preguntó al cantautor si el fragmente la conga que dice: “los que le hacen los mandados (a Trump), que se apuren pues la fieste termino, y mirando que se va a akabar el ‘baro’, han formado un titingó “We refer to women who work in San Isidro and are the artists and intellectuals who are concentrated in the Ministry of Culture demanding freedom of expression.

“Is that what you interpreted?”, Was Virulo’s response.

Capture de Facebook / Virulo Garcíavillalón

The young reporter disputed that it was very sad that some talented people would create the version of the regime that the United States Government intends to impose on its president, taking responsibility for all the males who oppress the Cubans.

It’s very sad (…) that his song was used as the sonorous band of the closest acts of repudio to good people who are not met with ‘Cuba’, Virulo, meaning that there is a plantation like the Gobierno of Cuba (son of those things muy muy diferentes) para exigir cuestiones que harían mejor a Cuba ya los cubanos ”, subrayó.

Capture de Facebook / Virulo Garcíavillalón

Virulo responded that in his opinion, Trump represents a real pain for Cuba and for the world.

“I’ve been in this place. And I did not explain to him how many people came to him. The problems of Cuba will solve the problems of the Cubans, since we are not meta. So it’s what I can do with my song. And I can tell you very clearly, ”he said.

Pero Gallego volvio to the charge alleging that the problem is not in Trump’s criticism, meaning in the punishment that repeats Gobierno’s discourse of the people he protested in Cuba last week are “those who have the mandates” a Trump.

Capture de Facebook / Virulo Garcíavillalón

“With Cuba we hold that ‘meters’ are all Cubans, but this Gobierno who pays his dues, we call them ex-Cubans, mercenaries, traders and agrarian in what he finds to discuss and do everything he understands. It is because we live here that the Cubans (all) can solve the problems of the Cubans, ”he said.

Capture de Facebook / Virulo Garcíavillalón

“And when the next act of repudio to a person who was not with Cuba, with the dictatorship, and the group of acarreados le cante, al son of a bocina puesta in a state car ‘No te metas, no te metas’, le pasaré a usted elvideo y espero que entonces diga que su canción no era para esas personas, sino para Trump ”, puntualizó.

Capture de Facebook / Virulo Garcíavillalón

Participate in the theme ‘Con Cuba no te metas’, in addition to Virulo, other artists such as Mayito Rivera, Israel Rojas, director of the duo Buena Fe; Ricardo Leyva, Ricardo Amaray and Moisés Valle, among others.

The video of the song was filmed this week in the Paseo del Prado de La Habana, and in addition it intervenes in the Conga de los Hoyos and Guaracheros de Regla, together with the art students.