“It’s not a secret to anyone, I have nothing!”

Rashel Díaz together with his father. (Rashel Díaz Instagram).

The Cuban presenter Rashel Díaz remembers coming to her during her childhood, when she and her family met in Cuba.

Following an Instagram post, Díaz stated that he does not have exchanges for shelves, because the people do not have the economic or financial ability to buy one.

“When it was time and life in Cuba, really things were not going well in Christmas, because there is no secret to anyone, there is nothing wrong!” written.

Rashel explained that in Cuba, the “regalos” are controlled by the governor, which provides for the provision of the game for those who also want to form and hope, as well as with food.

“As usual, Reyes’ day was a time of strife, making an extended cola to play a game that the governor loved, not the best for him as he was always happy with it,” he said.

In the publication next to a photo with his dad and explained that he was the first to have the possibility to start the Isla and with it to make his first Christmas gift.

“The first time I had a jumeete me dlumbró fue as the 7 u 8 years, my dad sent me a beautiful monquita de aquí, with his cachetes rosaditos, a tete en la boca y cuándo se lo quitaba, ¡lloraba! I’m sorry, I do not believe it’s true that for me, I have never seen anything like it ”continued.

The quarantines that the Cuban people enroll in all aspects of alcanza always belong to the nines of each family, that are known by what, are private homes, passages and games and that many in other places have access.

Last October, Guantánamo’s family pads included tuvieron que pedir a una las tiendas en dolares que no exhibiera golosinas en su vidriera, pues los niños lloraban al verlas y saber que no se las podían comprar.

The driver said that he had more than one child who was not alive in that situation and that he had to go to happy parties together with his families.

“Pido a Dios que hayan sido muchísimos los niños que pasaran un bonita navidad, donde nada les falte und pudieran ser deslumbrados por su mejor regal este año”, concluded.

Rashel led the program “Un Nuevo Día”, for the Telemundo chain, which took place in August.

Throughout the program, the Cuban undertook a new professional project alongside his partner, Carlos García, to which he dedicates his entourage.

The C&R (by Carlos and Rachel) company is a real estate business that has its own idea, in which it owns properties, the rules and the perfect deeds for those who have dared to share their Airbnb space.