“It’s a risk for the demas”

The Vatican intervenes in the heated debate over those who oppose the massive evacuation of the coronavirus, claiming that “the right can be established a risk for the demas”. Defend also the “moral responsibility of those who are the summit”.

The Vatican Commission Covid-19 in the Academy by the Vida instaron in the World Cups to make a distribution fair and equitable of the vacancies, “which otorgue priority to those who need it”. In a document, both bodies cite the recent message from Navajo Papa Francisco and invite world leaders to resist the temptation to adhere to “a nationalism of the city”, when the necessity is cooperation.

La Iglesia, destacaron, se pone at the service of the “curación el mundo”, using “your extensions all over the planet to work, exhort and help ensure that vacancies and services are available for the global family, especially for vulnerable people”.

Vatican organizations are commenting on the “life cycle” of the administration of the vacancies, as soon as a year has created effective vacancies, when in the past the cycle of creation of this fundamental protection against the ill-fated workers in its stage of experimental three and up to five years to be launched in the international market.

The problems that are plaguing its many complexes and the Academic Pontifical by the Vida describe that “there is a morally relevant collaboration between those who use these vacancies and the practice of voluntary abortion”.

Controversy over aborted fetuses

Some job vacancies are clinically linked in varying stages of the experimental process cellular lines aborted fetuses hace decenios, which is used in laboratory testing phases ”.

The Academy by the Vida de la Santa Sede exemplifies the culprits of this abortion fetus cell signal and signal that “all the vacancies are clinically recommended can be used with the strict conscience that the use of vacancies does not mean a species of cooperation with voluntary abortion, ”

With respect to the property patents of the vacancies, the Vatican organisms advertise that they are interpreted as vacancies as “a good that all have access, without discrimination, in accordance with the principle of universal destiny of the well-to-do people of Papa Francisco ”.

“The inversions in the camp of medicine must find its deepest significance in human solidarity.”

The Covid-19 Commission and the Vida Academy support the convergence in favor of the priorities that “should be reserved for the professional categories dedicated to the common interest, especially to the attention and health staff, to the most vulnerable groups, as the ancients and the nurses with particular pathologies ”.

With respect to the moral responsibility of someterse to vacancy, the Vatican reiterates that the question implies “a relationship between personal health and public health, measuring its interdependence, in which the right of the vacuna you can also raise a risk for the demas ”.

The Santa Sede provides a safe and effective vacuum, “available for all and with a price that allows for an equitable distribution”. These are the priorities for ensuring an integral treatment “that is related to the value and value of both local situations”.

The document concludes that there are “unresolved appeals to assist local churches in the preparation of initiatives and treatment protocols for particular communities”.

Vaticano, corresponding