India has the highest one-day boom in Covid cases with 300,000 infections in the world

India saw a record jump of one day with more than 300,000 new coronavirus infections, indicating a bad milestone for the country as a deadlier second wave that showed no signs of abating.

The South Asian country, which has the second largest outbreak in the world, reported 314,835 new cases on Thursday, bringing the total score to almost 16 million cases. The U.S., which was hit the hardest worldwide, experienced its highest one-day high of 314,312 cases on December 21 and reported more than 300,000 cases in the two days since the onset of the pandemic. Infections in America are now on a downward trend, helped in part by aggressive vaccination.

Covid-related deaths in India jumped to 184,657. The country has managed more than 132 million vaccine doses, according to data from the Indian Ministry of Health. According to Bloomberg, this is enough to cover about 4.8% of its 1.3 million inhabitants vaccine dop.

There is a new virus variant in India. How worried should we be?

The worsening outbreak threatens to derail the Indian economy, which has just begun to recover, after a nationwide exclusion drove it into a historic recession last year. A new virus variant with a double mutation has also emerged locally, and the concern is greater that it is driving the fierce new wave that is overwhelming India. hospitals in crematoria.