IN VIVO: Luis Vega pierced the first for the Incredible Man Marathon! – Diez

Welcome to the Olympic-Marathon minute by minute in the National!


Min 9 ‘ What a barbarian! Luis Vega goes with the green front to Menjivar and the arcade of the ark, so he can create this fall.

Min 5 ‘ Cabezazo inside the 16:50 Cordova that controls the Marathon gates at these times.

Min 3 ‘ Eddie Hernández’s save to Denovan Torres’ men, ahead of José Mario Pinto.

18:01: Initiate the game! Olympiad and Marathon will be held at the National of Tegucigalpa, the blanks in search of the building.

17:45: Olimpia also confirmed her 11th marathon title; Edrick Menjivar, Maylor Núñez, Elvin Casildo, Johnny Leverón, Javier Portillo, Deybi Flores, Carlos Pineda, José Pinto, Edwin Rodríguez, Jerry Bengtson and Eddie Hernández.

17:31: 11 titles of Marathon; Denovan Torres, John Paul Suazo, Kervin Arriaga, Bryan Johnson, Luis Vega, Mathías Techera, Luis Garrido, Allan Banegas, Marlon Ramírez, Edwin Solano and Selvin Guevara … No delanter nato esta tarde en el conjunto verde.

17:20: In minutes we will know the team actions, we will change in the 11 Olympic titles. At this time there is a calendar of oncos both.

17:00: Both clubs have minutes to play at the National Stadium and are listed for this match, Olimpia needs goals to score penalties and three to win the series.


Pedro Troglio commands his best men this morning at the Marathon to follow the rematch and call the group champion in the Aperture 2020 tournament.

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Olimpia lost the 3-1 side game ahead of the worlds in San Pedro Sula and now they are required to win by three goals to concede the goal.

To win by differentities of the parties, the party is defined by the criminal offenses. Another result is a minor minor in Marathon.

Tegucigalpa is the hostile territory for Marathon, led by Hector Vargas and he spent his last five visits to the capital of Honduras.

Olimpia should look for the repair now at the National Stadium. 3-1 perdieron en la ida.

The last five results

1.2018 Apertura: Olimpia – Marathon (2-1)
2.2019 Clausura: Olympics – Marathon (3-0)
3.2019 Apertura: Olimpia – Marathon (1-0)
4.2019 Liguilla: Olimpia – Marathon (4-0)
5.2020 Pentagon: Olympics – Marathon (5-0)

If we look at these statistics, the Marathon only saw the result, 2-1 and 1-0. The other three confirmed a rematch of Olympia. The winner of this duel will secure a final or a championship if he wins the relegation rounds. Donde los verdolagas enfrentarán a Motagua y Olimpia al Vida.

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The party is scheduled for 6:00 p.m., live time for the merengue parties. This match will be broadcast by telecadena 7y4.

Possible paragraphs:

Olympia: Edrick Menjívar; Maylor Núñez, Jonathan Paz, Elvin Casildo, Javier Portillo; Deybi Flores, Carlos Pineda, Edwin Rodríguez, Jorge Álvarez; Jerry Bengtson and Eddie Hernández. DT. Pedro Troglio.

Marathon: Denovan Torres; John Paul Suazo, Bryan Johnson, Kervin Arriaga, Luis Vega; Luis Garrido, Allan Banegas, Edwin Solano, Marlon Ramírez; Axel Motiño and Bruno Volpi. DT. Hector Vargas.

Stadium: Tegucigalpa National.
Yearbook: Oscar Moncada Godoy
Shipped: Television Center
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Other statistics:

In the general series he had 247 duels, Olympia won 114 games, Marathon 66 and he finished 67.

Since the goals scored in the history of this cottage, the albos have favored 325, while the sampedranos have market 224.