In vivo: fanatics despide to Tito Rojas, “El Gallo Salsero”, in Humacao

Humacao – In the rhythm and chorus of the theme “Nadie is eterno”, tens of thousands of recipients of the medium of this late salsa tito Rojas failed in the madrugada of the sabbath at the age of 65 years.

With banners, keyboards, censors and cellars, fanatics rode the colorful white blanket that entered the mediators of the Coliseo Marcelo Trujillo Panisse at the time of 12:40 pm from the sports center of Temprano in the summer.

The finer acts of the singer who failed the sabbath as a consequence of what appears to be a cardiac attack take place between 13:00 pm and 18:00 pm with the distance debits protocols.

The Alcalde de Humacao, Luis Raúl Sánchez Hernández, decreed the sabbath five days of duel in the municipality where Rojas created and lived and gave birth in a family home.

“The family is passing on a difficult moment and we want to be supportive of them in those moments. Tito puso en alto number de Humacao y de Puerto Rico, lo menos que podemos hacer es brindarle ese ultimo adios como se merece ”expresses ayer Sánchez Hernández en un comunicado.

Velorio de pueblo a Tito Rojas

It is hoped that at 17:00 an activity will take place in which the pastor of the church and the Rojas academy will have a small ceremony of 20 minutes. Luego hablarán las hijas y el alcalde del Humacao.

“The people can enter, the temperature rises and they become disinfectants. The people want to enter, present their respect and salute. Inside the college there is a space for the media of communication, or for the allegations of the family and, as the college is large, a petition of the hijas, has a space for the musicians who work with it. But at no moment can the public gather inside the college, ”said the artist’s ex-manager, Robert Cruz.

The sepelio will be held on Wednesday, December 30, from 10:00 am Pero will be private.

Photos in advance of the title of the body of Tito Rojas.