Impact of agility in organizational well-being

23 December 2020

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Opinions expressed by collaborators of Entrepreneur his staff.

The agility and well-being of organizational management of the mano. We refer specifically to the agility for the management of people, as it is centered on the care of employees, the collaborative work and can log more productive and agile companies increasing the happiness of its teams.

How logralo? As we know before, there is a specific trade mark of HR Agile, being one of the leaders at the global level of the organization Agile People, the song is directed by Pia-Maria Thorén, and Helgi Gudmundsson, who are also part of the professionals who create the Manifiesto Ágil de Gestión de Personas.

This manifesto is composed of values ​​and contains 36 principles, between them: Transparency, Confidence, Deciding Who and Who and Coming to the Person, Knowing the People Deeply, Increasing Happiness, Learning and Improving the Continuity, Increment Psychology, etc.

So, is there a connection between organizational and agile wealth? Claramente que sí. Where we can reload this theme and connect with the ranking of Heroine companies? If it is based on the values, principles of this labor market, and with the objective of this ranking: more valiant than ten: the well-being and happiness of its collaborators ”.

The relevance of this is only radical in that the sense of relevance is increased, the rotation is reduced or the retention is increased; However, like the different organizers of the ranking, we also increase sales by 44%, productivity by 31%, among other benefits.

The Experience of a Multinational

We have a specific case in place of one of the principles quoted before, the “Psychological Security”. First, what do we mean by that? The experts in the matter define as: “The perception of an individual of the consequences of assuming an interpersonal risk, the perception that a team is safe to assume risks is seen as ignorant, incompetent, negative or perturbating. In a team with high psychological security, the partners are secure to correct risks with the rest of the members. If you feel confident that someone in the team will overtake or castrate you more to admit a mistake, make a question and offer a new idea ”.

Google sees the company as discovering the keys to having exits and effects on its best teams, first and foremost psychological security … as we move on.

  1. Psychological security. The members of the team are safe to take risks and be vulnerable to another front.
  2. Reliability. Team members have time and time again to meet Google’s excellence requirements.
  3. Structure & Clarity. The team members have ten roles, aircraft and clear objectives.
  4. Meaning. The work is personally important for the team members.
  5. Impact. The members of the team think that their work is important and create a change.

These are the results of the company’s work, carried out by Aristotle’s project, which included the employees of the best of December.

For the last time, I wanted to give you an account of the professionals who have studied this topic around the world – the professor of Harvard Business School, Amy Edmondson – in his book The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Werkplek vir leer, innovering en growth: “Psychological security is not about being sympathetic or just creating an enjoyable environment, meaning that it has concrete practices, like being open to new ideas, appreciating the contributions of each person, explicitly admit the mistakes, give back positive feedback about them and learn from others in respect of their experiences ”. ‘N Su entender, esto es aplicable tanto en colaboradores como aquellas personas con role de liderazgo.

Oorweeg todo esto est, hace completo sentido formar de un rankings como Heroínas que busca reconocir y empoderar a las empresas -de 12 paises de América Latina- que apuestan todo por sus colaboradores y mantienen su competitividad a pesar de uno desafiante.

* Jorge Ulsen, CEO of Resolutions, is the president of the Asociación Internacional People & Players.