IMAGENES FUERTES. Motorcycling so shortening the impact of two vehicles in La Unión | El Salvador News

In addition to the succession committed to Cristian Omar Canales, in The Union hub another accident involving a male murderer.

The motorcyclist Cristian Omar Canales, 34 years old, received medical attention this media was able to be impacted by the vehicles in the Union.

The percussion was carried out at 8:30 on the night of the Domingo on the Military Route, specifically at the Las Delicias barrier, in the Santa Rosa de Lima municipality.

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At the time of the accident, Cristian Omar was driving his motorcycle (M 61979) in the area of ​​the Contreras colony, at that moment a vehicle impacted on the track and golf course in the opposite direction of the other golfer.

The accident was captured by surveillance cameras installed in the area, and local media such as Channel 15 El Zamorano diffused the images.

The victim was Cristian Omar Canales, 34 years old. The percussion was recorded by vigilance cameras.

In addition to the succession committed to Cristian Omar, in the Union hub another one of the most violent murmurs.

This is the last sucedió in the 3a. Calle Poniente del barrio Honduras, ali dos motocicleta impactaron de frente y una de ellas se firendico. La muerto fue José Luis Salvador Contreras, 26 years old.

The frontal impact between the motorcycles caused the death of a man at the Honduras barrier, La Unión. Photo courtesy