Illinois Tiroteo and Bowling deja 3 dead, between them teenagers

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  • A armed force initiates a Saturday night seizure of a bowling alley in Illinois.
  • The police inform that three people have been killed and three more, hereditary.
  • The authorities believe that there was no direct attack on alguien in particular.

A armed force initiates a Saturday night march inside a Illinois bowling alley, provoking the deaths of three people and herdsmen in three months, in which the authorities believe there has been no anti-algae attack in particular.

A 37-year-old suspect was detained after the incident in Don Carter Lanes, Rockford police said in a statement on social media.

Dos of the ballads eran adolescents, dijo the police chief, Dan O’Shea, at a press conference.

At present, O’Shea is no facilitator of the informal sobre las víctimas. Significantly, the lie is under control and he does not believe that any agent will hide his weapon when the suspicious person is detained.

“When the officers went to the stage, the shooter was in the editing room,” said Rockford police chief. “No official disputes his arms that we separate at this time, but the individual who claims to be responsible, and the only individual who claims that he is involved, can that we bind him custodia. But it is to be determined ”.

The police say that some people will be bullied after the edification and other adentro, according to ABC.

Illinois and Bowling Tiroteo deja tres muertos y tres heridos. Photo: Twitter

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Rockford, one of the largest cities in Illinois, is located 130 kilometers (80 miles) northeast of Chicago and two miles to the southeast of Milwaukee.

Alcalde Tom McNamara issued a statement stating that he was “molesto en intressecido” by the tiroteo.